After turbulent days: “Crazy relief” at RWE

During Rot-Weiss Essen’s 2-1 away win in Dortmund, the referee was the focus of attention twice. RWE can nevertheless be happy about the three points, which came at exactly the right time.

In the 57th minute, referee Dr.  Riem Hussein took a penalty, but three minutes later the necessary whistle was not blown.

In the 57th minute, referee Dr. Riem Hussein took a penalty, but three minutes later the necessary whistle was not blown.

IMAGO/Jan Huebner

While the Essen team was celebrating extensively from the traveling supporters in front of the packed away block in Signal-Iduna-Park, coach Jan Zimmermann, the first Dortmund representative, stepped in front of the “MagentaSport” microphone after the game. The 44-year-old was particularly disappointed with the first half, in which his team was “not present at all” and “not at all in the duels and in the game”. “With a good performance,” explained the Borussia coach, “we could have gotten at least one point,” but “there simply weren’t enough players reaching their performance limits.”

Yes, sure. So…penalty…penalty.

BVB coach Jan Zimmermann (44)

For Zimmermann, the exciting scene of the game, a missed penalty after a foul on left-back Guille Bueno in the 60th minute, was not an excuse for BVB’s third defeat of the season. When asked about the two tricky situations in Essen’s penalty area – Dortmund’s controversial penalty in the 57th minute after Mustafa Kourouma fouled Julian Hettwer and the same action three minutes later, in which the necessary whistle was not given – the black and yellow coach was able to but at least a short tip against the referee team around the referee Dr. Riem Hussein didn’t hold back: “Yes, of course. So… penalty… penalty,” Zimmermann made briefly but unmistakably clear.

RWE coach Christoph Dabrowski then looked back a little more meticulously at the penalty situations, although the 45-year-old also held back: “The referee gave the penalty. But you can see that he also plays the ball. But it is pointless, I say that quite honestly. There was another situation where she didn’t whistle. So from that point on: pari pari. We won the game, so it’s easy to talk about it now.”

With full “conviction” to the fourth win of the season

Instead, Dabrowski spoke much more favorably about the “reaction” that his team showed with the goal to make it 2-1 just a few moments after conceding a penalty goal to make it 1-1. “That’s fantastic,” started Essen’s coach and explained that he was particularly impressed by the “conviction” that goal scorer Torben Müsel had shown when he scored his header.

In conjunction with the fans who had already “welcomed the team in front of the stadium when they arrived by bus”, the away win showed Dabrowski “that we are a team and that we can cope with setbacks”. The 45-year-old was of course alluding to the eventful days at RWE, which recently not only suffered two defeats in Haching (0:4) and against Verl (0:5), but also with the release during the week Captain Felix Bastians caused a stir.

Summer newcomer Sapina celebrates a positive captaincy debut

Bastians, who played 69 times for Essen during his career, was replaced as announced by Vinko Sapina as the captain’s armband. The defensive midfielder, who only moved from Verl to Hafenstrasse in the summer, could hardly have imagined a better start to his captaincy career at RWE: “We had a turbulent and difficult last six or seven days. That’s why today is simply one “Incredible relief,” said the 28-year-old happily after the final whistle. “We just walked through the fans – it was unbelievable how many people were here. You could just see pure relief on every face,” said Sapina.

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