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A month and a half after becoming World Champion and seeing how the best sporting moment of her career was tarnished without her intending to, Jenni Hermoso has had to relive the embarrassment that the entire world saw at the Accor Satadium in Sydney. Not only has she had to recount again what she experienced and felt that day and the days that followed, as a result of the kiss that Luis Rubiales gave her without her consent, but, as if that were not enough, she has also had to endure how her privacy. She has relived it and we have all relived it because her statement to the Prosecutor’s Office has been leaked.

About a month ago, Montse Tomé decided not to include Jenni in her first list as a coach because it was “the best way to protect her.” “Protect me from what? Or from whom? ”The soccer player asked herself in a statement, showing her total disagreement with that decision.

Now that she did need protection, she has been left helpless again. The focus has been put on her again. We haven’t learned anything. Where is the right to privacy for victims? Where is your privacy? Where is the protection? Let’s remember, in case anyone has forgotten, that Jenni is still the victim.

Sensationalism has once again prevailed above all and shown itself as it is, mean and unscrupulous. Images of a closed and private room were broadcast in prime time, as if nothing had happened, while the soccer player declared: “The kiss was not consensual. “I was not respected and I felt coerced.”

“And who protects me?” She asked him this in her statement before the Prosecutor’s Office that appeared on television, with the process still in progress. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to think that this leak could affect the evolution of said process.

In her statement, Jenni has recounted how she suffered pressure from Luis Rubiales, members of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Rubiales’ team stopped the bus to coerce her: “They tarnished my image and asked me to protect them.” She didn’t say anything that we didn’t already know about the Rubiales case. But the packaging she used for said statement was a real shame. I no longer go into whether the publication of those images is legal or illegal, but rather into morality and ethics. Two aspects that must take precedence above all else. I insist again: Who protects her?

His presentation that arrived before that of Jorge Vilda, who yesterday gave his version of the events. The former coach denies coercion to make Jenni downplay the kiss, but acknowledges having tried to mediate with the footballer’s brother to “lower the soufflé.” A good way to minimize the victim, to make him believe that it’s not that big of a deal. She didn’t make the soufflé, she didn’t even cook it, they found it for her and they wanted her to digest it.

Protection: action of protecting or preventing a person or thing from receiving damage or from something reaching them that causes it. Protection has failed again with her and with all the victims whom we always encourage to report. This is what they find, leaks.

From time to time, it is good to remember Ryszard Kapuscinski’s famous phrase: “To be a good journalist you must first be a good person.” Something that we should all record as if it were a mantra, me first.

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