Baijens is missing Hamburg and Oranje – PSG decision postponed?

Severe personnel setback for HSV Handball: playmaker Dani Baijens will be out for weeks. The 25-year-old was injured during a throw at the start of the second half in the home game against TVB Stuttgart.

Does he go or stay?  Dani Baijens' contract in Hamburg expires in the summer.

Does he go or stay? Dani Baijens’ contract in Hamburg expires in the summer.

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As if the 31:36 home defeat against TVB on Thursday evening wasn’t bitter enough. It was the 36th minute of the game when Dani Baijens held his right hand after attempting a throw. The Dutchman was apparently in severe pain and had to be substituted.

The affected hand was examined that evening – the HSVH medical team led by Prof. Dr. Michael Hoffmann quickly diagnosed a displaced fracture of the metacarpal bone. “Fortunately, it is a fracture where you can assume that everything will heal without consequences,” explains Prof. Dr. Hoffmann and adds: “Unfortunately, the fracture is so displaced that it has to be operated on. However, the bone usually heals very well at that point.”

Baijens will be seen by chief physician Dr. Dr. Baijens at the Asklepios Clinic St. Georg next Tuesday. Jörg Elsner operates. With regard to the length of absence, team doctor Prof. Dr. Hoffmann said it would take “about eight weeks” before the Dutch international could get involved again.

The loss of the service provider hits HSVH hard. It’s not for nothing that Baijens is currently the seventh best thrower in the HBL with 46 goals from nine games. Oranje also suffers from the absence of the game designer. Baijens will miss the scheduled Golden League encounters in early November. National coach Staffan Olson’s selection will meet the top-class national teams from Denmark, Norway and Spain.

A participation in the European Handball Championship in Germany in January – in Group E it is against Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia and Sweden – “doesn’t seem to be in jeopardy,” as the Hamburg team writes on their website.

“I’ve been making lists with my dad since I was 15 or 16”

This means that the time in which Hamburg fans can still enjoy their game designer in the HSVH jersey is likely to dwindle. The contract of the sought-after backcourt player expires next summer. The rumors of a move to Paris Saint-Germain, which successfully poached Füchse playmaker Jacob Holm last June, persist.

Baijens would like to close the issue soon. “I want us to be able to talk about the team again, so that the fans know what’s going to happen next,” the 25-year-old recently said in the “HBL Time Out” format on Dyn. Whether the injury might influence the decision about the coming summer postponed, remains to be seen.

Paris is definitely “a hot topic – people are talking about it everywhere.” He left it open whether it would really be the French Croesus. Regarding the decision-making process, Baijens explained: “Since I was 15 or 16, I’ve been making lists with my father. Everything is listed there with pluses and minuses. In the end you see where the most pluses are. This decision is probably the best .”

When deciding whether to choose the Seine or the Elbe, the central questions are: “Where do I like to see myself, what do I still want to achieve, what are my goals, what is best at the moment?”

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