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Needs more time? Will ‘dinizismo’ be successful in the Seleção? The unexpected setback at home against Venezuela has shrouded in doubts, and not a little criticism, Brazil by Fernando Diniz prior to the highly demanding duel with Uruguay on Tuesday at Montevideo.

The five-time world champions left the Arena Pantanal stadium, in hot Cuiabá (central-west), booed after losing a 1-1 draw against Vinotinto, the only South American team that has never qualified for a World Cup.
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Of scandal

Neymar even showed his annoyance with a fan who threw him a packet of popcorn when he was heading to the dressing rooms, after another night of little ‘jogo bonito’.

“It’s very sad. I don’t come here on vacation, much less to walk. I come to do what I love most, which is play soccer and defend my country,” said the ’10’, who assisted defender Gabriel Magalhaes in the goal. from 1-0.

However, those words remain in the air after learning of a complaint from a journalist, who claims that Neymar, Vinicius and Richarlison were partying before the game.

Matheus Baldi It says that the players were visited by several women at the concentration hotel.

“It was not so much the draw of the Brazilian team with Venezuela that became an issue in Cuiabá, but rather a possible ‘party’ of some players that would have occurred yesterday, Thursday the 12th,” said the communicator.


And he added: “In a WhatsApp audio that circulates around the city, a woman points out that Neymar would have stayed with Rebeca Ribeiro, Vinicius Jr would have stayed with Leticia Sogiro and Richarlison, with Rita Lopes.”

The journalist says that there are videos in the capital of Mato Grosso and people point out “that in the image the blonde woman who appears would be the influencer Leticia Sogiro leaving, this morning, the hotel where the Brazilian team was staying.”

Baldi assures on his social networks that “Rebeca, accused of the alleged meeting with Neymar, even uploaded a photo to the internet with the player calling him ‘brother’ and today, after all the controversy in the city, she uploaded a video talking about the rumors.” “Rebeca even threatens to sue some people. Leticia and Rita have not yet spoken out on their social networks. What do you think?” he commented.
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