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Besieged by and held back by the movement Islamist Hamasthe civilians of the Gaza Strip it is Israel n caught in a crossfire that has been going on for six days; They have nowhere to take refuge and cannot leave the Palestinian enclave, which is collapsing while accumulating more than 1,400 dead and 6,200 injured.

With children in their arms and the elderly on their backs, Gazan families flee from one place to another in the desperate search for refuge from the constant attacks – by air, sea and land – from Israel, which promised to “wipe out Hamas from the Earth” and especially to its Nukba (Elite) special forces, authors of the massive attack that started the war last Saturday.
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difficult situation

“Yes, (the offensive) is bigger than ever,” acknowledged Lieutenant Colonel Richard Hecht, spokesman for the Israeli Army.

Terrified, three Gazan children, one of them with his head bandaged, sit on a bench at Al Shifa hospital, the largest in Gaza City, where they took refuge with hundreds of people.


Israeli Iron Dome intercepts missiles launched from the Gaza Strip.

One of the most famous cases is that of the Colombian soccer player Paula Escobar, who with a companion is trapped in the middle of the fire

He is 23 years old and belongs to the team Asa Tel Aviv, in Israel. In a video he cried out for help and pointed out that the Colombian Government told them that they were not a priority to leave the country.

“We have little money and we are afraid of what could happen. They have told us to take care of ourselves, to buy food, but the truth is that the resources are minimal,” he said in a video.

And he added: “You can hear helicopters, explosions, the alarms that mean alert, it’s horrible. Believe me, it’s a situation that I don’t know I wish on anyone and believe me, no one should go through this situation.”

“I make a direct call to the Mayor’s Office, to the Government, to the Valle League, because my daughter was a player for the Valle team and she is a girl who still left her mark. I ask, please, everyone to move whatever she can move, if she has any contact that can call you, anything so they can bring her,” says the soccer player’s mother, María Patricia Escobar Balanta in El País. From Cali. (Queen test? WhatsApp messages between Jenni Hermoso and marketing director revealed)

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