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The Brazilian footballer Dani Alves He remains in prison for the case of alleged sexual abuse of a young woman in a nightclub.

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The Brazilian’s situation does not improve and on the contrary he has new setbacks from time to time.

Now, on account of the statements of Dinorah SantanaAlves’s first wife and mother of his children, who exploded.

The woman publicly stated that she was withdrawing her support for Dani Alves, feeling used by him.

Dani Alves

Antonio Lacerda. Efe

“For me it does not exist, for me it has died. I have always lowered my head, I have never done shows, I have never caused scandals…”, she said in an interview for the program Cuatro al día, where she could be heard very angry.

He then expressed that the support he initially gave to Alves was directed. “Everything I have talked about, and I have the WhatsApps here, was oriented towards what I had to say: ‘Look, you are going to arrive at the airport…, you are going to have press, you are going to say this and this.’ When you get out of prison, you are going to say this, this and this…’”.

Then he added: “No one has pressured me, but I did it to help the father of my children. He has used me even when I have served him.”

Santana moved to Barcelona with his two children in what is now seen as a possible strategy of the player’s defense to demonstrate his roots in the city and thus request his release justifying that there was no risk of flight.

“They asked us to move and we were going to move. I have looked for a school. I have the car this was put on. We had been in jail and then they immediately denied him (parole). And he disappeared. It was like that,” he explains.

“Being the children of an alleged rapist is something very unpleasant. I want him to disappear from my life,” he adds about the player.

Dani Alves

Little by little more details about the case of Dani Alves come to light

Meanwhile, according to other press versions, the divorce process with Joana Sanz is paralyzed.

Dani Alves is still waiting for a date to be set for his trial for a case of sexual assault that has him imprisoned in the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona after being reported by a 23-year-old girl.


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