Ende’s analysis: “There was less football than usual for us”

SC Verl defeated their local rivals from Bielefeld 3-1 and thus left the relegation zone. In addition to compliments, SCV coach Alexander Ende also finds critical words.

Active on the sidelines: Lost coach Alexander Ende.

Active on the sidelines: Lost coach Alexander Ende.

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SC Verl was very happy after their 3-1 derby win on Tuesday against Arminia from Bielefeld. And that wasn’t just because of the important three points in the relegation battle. For the first time this season, the new sports club arena was sold out: 5,207 spectators cheered on the East Westphalia derby. Central defender Torge Paetow also praised the number of spectators: “We are pleased that everyone turned up in such large numbers.” He also said: “We wanted to give something back to the fans.” That was successful. Thanks to the home win, Verl overtook the Arminen and is now in 15th place.

We threw ourselves into every ball.

Already in the sixth minute of the game, Oliver Batista Meier paved the way for the home win with the early lead. Verl’s coach Alexander Ende also commented critically: “It was less football than usual from us.” Verl had less control in the game than last time. This was particularly evident in the midfield. So the method of choice was the long ball. It was the long ball that made it 1-0. But what the SCV lacked in wit and ball relay, it made up for with passion and fighting spirit. “We threw ourselves into every ball,” analyzed Paetow, who provided the assist to make it 1-0.

After two defeats in a row, SC Verl is back on track. On Saturday (2 p.m.) we go to our table rivals Essen. There is an opportunity to improve the English week in terms of points. Coach Alexander Ende is self-confident: “This victory helps us to appear at Hafenstrasse with a big heart.” It remains to be seen how much “football” there will be this time.

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