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European Roulette Betting Systems: Which Strategies Mirror Soccer Betting Patterns?

European Roulette Betting SystemsHave you ever thought it possible that you would compare football and roulette strategies and maybe find some common denominators? Well, as much of a stretch as this may sound, there are some points of contact between the European roulette wheel and the football field. Today we will explain several situations where roulette and football can draw inspiration from each other as far as the tactical element is concerned. Both games are actually based on a fair amount of luck and skill, although of course, roulette is more likely. There are several ways to approach sports betting, drawing lessons from roulette:

  • By following a strict sequence
  • By always playing with small amounts
  • By determining how much you want to win

Martingale in Roulette and Martingale?

The core principle of a popular roulette strategy called Martingale can actually be applied across both the football field and a game of roulette payment calculator. But why? Because the core principle is exactly the same! Players will follow the same rules whether they are in a casino or playing a game of soccer.

OK, but what is it? Martingale teaches you to return to the basics after a win – to apply this to soccer, you can think of Martingale as a strategy that teaches you that when you score a goal, you want to double down on your defense.

This is basically how the strategy works on both activities, and although it is marked by a lack of particular excitement – you try to either cut your losses or make sure that the other guy (s) do not get the better of you while you are ahead – this is still a valid, fun and great strategy to use on your own.

Martingale has variations in roulette. It can be positive or negative, and like this you can apply these variations on the football field and try to be a little more aggressive or less. We know the core principle here is subject to wide interpretation, but for anyone who has followed football and is familiar with it Martingale strategythe similarities are just too hard to ignore.

You can also use Martingale in terms of betting when you bet on the same odds and the same odds for a team to win.

A classic 4-4-2

One of the most familiar strategies in football is the classic 4-4-2, where you will have four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers. This is a robust strategy that allows you to establish a strong presence on the better part of the field, even if you have to sacrifice some of the offensive capabilities. This strategy is similar to a popular roulette stratagem called Labouchere.

In roulette, the system tells you to bet on Even/Money numbers and to try and get the most out of your gameplay. The strategy tells you that you must choose an amount that you want to win. Let's say, for the sake of this example, $10.

Now you have to split this amount into several numbers that represent the size of the bets. Let's say 4-4-2. If you win with a given bet, you remove the number from the sequence. If you​​​​ fail, you add it to the sequence.

Well, obviously, if you fail an attack, you won't add any extra players to football, but we find this agreement just intriguing.

Fibonacci in football?

The idea of ​​Fibonacci as a roulette strategy is super easy to understand. You have a sequence of numbers, and you will move up and down this sequence to place a wager. If you succeed, you go down. If you lose, you go up. The sequence itself is also very intriguing.

The next number of the sequence is the sum total of the previous two, which definitely helps it stand out. How applicable is Fibonacci in football? For the most part, this strategy will mostly apply to sports wagering. You want to increase your bet size after a loss, but want to have the same chances to win or lose depending on the game that you have chosen to return.

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