“Extremely wild situation”: Sommer comments on Bayern time

Yann Sommer has been playing for Inter Milan since this season. Before that, he was active at Bayern for six months, not an easy time for the keeper, who was now looking back in the national team circles.

Played in Munich for six months: Yann Sommer.

Played in Munich for six months: Yann Sommer.


When Manuel Neuer was seriously injured last winter and was expected to be out for a long time, the Munich team found themselves under pressure in the goalkeeper position and brought Yann Sommer from Gladbach. The Swiss national goalkeeper had repeatedly demonstrated his quality in the Bundesliga.

But of course the focus on him in Munich was greater than in Gladbach. Summer also had one or two insecurities and was criticized for that. “Of course it was unpleasant at times and it doesn’t leave you unscathed,” said the 34-year-old, according to Swiss media, in the circle of the national team. “The most important thing was that I tried to do my best and help the team be successful. Luckily I was able to do that in the end.”

Sommer won the championship with Munich after a difficult season. There was a lot going on at Bayern this year, including the change of coach from Julian Nagelsmann to Thomas Tuchel. “We had an extremely wild situation at Bayern. Layoffs, changes, a lot of unrest and various topics besides sport,” said Sommer, looking back.

Sommer: “I learned how things work at Bayern”

Overall, it was a step for the Swiss in which he learned a lot and was able to mature further. However, he also noticed how quickly he was criticized. “I learned how it works at Bayern. You choose one or two players, then the media shoots. And then you choose two new ones. And then it was my turn. But I didn’t feel like it. to defend myself publicly,” said the 34-year-old.

The keeper has been playing in Italy for Inter Milan since the summer, where he appeared eight times in the league and twice in the Champions League. Sommer and his teammates are currently in second place behind Milan. Now the league is taking a break and there are international matches coming up. Switzerland’s European Championship qualifier against Belarus is scheduled for Sunday (6 p.m.).

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