Fairness in New Crypto Casinos: What Gamblers Need to Know

Fairness in New Crypto Casinos: What Gamblers Need to Know

The rise of crypto casinos has introduced a new frontier for players. As an expert in online gambling with more than five years of experience, I am here to guide you through this landscape, and make sure that you can play confidently. I will give you essential knowledge about fairness in new crypto casinos, and help you navigate through their promises and pitfalls! Understanding the mechanisms that ensure fairness will improve your gaming experience and protect your digital assets. Let's dive right into that!

The 4 Pillars of Online Gambling Fairness

Here's what ensures you play fair gambling…


A license is perhaps the most critical factor in determining an online casino's legitimacy and fairness. It ensures that the casino operates under strict regulations set by licensing authorities, protecting you as a player. If a dispute arises, players who adhere to the casino's terms and conditions can seek a solution through third-party mediators or directly from the licensors themselves. So, this protective measure is essential for player safety and confidence!

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Next is transparency, which refers to how openly and clearly a casino conducts its operations. This includes detailed disclosure about where the casino is registered, the clarity and accessibility of its policies, and the transparency of its financial transactions. Casinos that prioritize transparency make it easier for players to understand exactly what they are getting into and how their games and funds are managed.

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Licensed Software

Using licensed software is another cornerstone of honesty. This software is tested and approved by regulatory authorities to ensure that it meets safety and fairness standards. By using licensed software, cryptocasinos demonstrate their commitment to fair play, ensuring that the games are safe and reliable.

Random Number Generator (RNG) Certificates

Finally, RNG certificates are essential for ensuring the randomness and fairness of game outcomes. Random Number Generators are algorithms online games use to produce random results, such as the spin of a slot reel or a card deal. These systems are tested by independent agencies to ensure that they work on truly random algorithms, thus preventing any manipulation or predictability in games.

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How to check the fairness of Casino Games

Verifying the fairness of casino games is a critical step, so how can you do that? The best gambling sites typically offer tools such as seeds and honesty checkers. These tools allow players to enter specific game data in forms provided by the casino to verify game results independently. This process can reveal how the Random Number Generator (RNG) was applied, providing transparency and reassurance about the fairness of each play.

However, not all gambling sites provide such advanced verification functions. In cases where these tools are absent, your next best step is to thoroughly check the credentials of the game providers. Reputable game developers will independently certify their RNG systems. These certificates are usually displayed on the website of the casino or on the site of the developer. By ensuring that the game providers have valid RNG certificates, you can feel more confident about the randomness and fairness of the games offered.

How to Test Online Casino Software for Fairness

Testing online casino software effectively requires a systematic approach to ensure you are dealing with a fair and reliable platform. Here is a pocket guide to help you evaluate the integrity and reliability of online casino software:

  • Ensure that the casino is licensed: Start with a confirmation that the casino has a valid license from a reputable regulatory authority. This step is crucial because it ensures the casino adheres to gambling laws and standards of fairness.
  • Check the history of the provider: Research the history and reputation of the software provider. A provider with a long-standing positive reputation in the industry is more likely to offer reliable and honest software.
  • Read reviews and real player experiences: Read reviews and accounts from real players to get a sense of the casino's reliability and software performance. Websites like ORDB, Reddit and AskGamblers are valuable sources of community feedback and player experience.
  • Test in demo mode: Before betting real money, use the demo mode to play the games. This allows you to get a feel for the game mechanics and software performance without any financial risk.
  • Ten Bets Method: Use the ten bets method where you make at least ten bets in a game. If the game pays out at least once, preferably twice, it suggests that the RNG is functioning properly. However, consistent results over longer periods provide stronger evidence of fairness.
  • Play your first session with a small bankroll: When you start playing with real money, start with a small bankroll to minimize risk while you test the casino's reliability.
  • Use bonuses for testing games: Take advantage of all the bonuses offered to extend your game and test different games without significantly affecting your actual funds.

Final words

Rest assured, there are plenty of honest gambling sites out there that prioritize your gaming experience and safety. By following my guidelines you can identify reputable casinos with confidence. Enjoy your game, knowing that you are dealing with reliable and fair online platforms. Happy gambling!

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