Flying Huntsman 90: Der Land Rover Defender zum Spyder!

The British coachbuilder Kahn Design turns the Land Rover Defender into a two-seat Spyder with a removable fabric roof. He is not unique. Nearly.

A Spyder for off-road use: This is what the Defender should look like after the makeover.

A Spyder for off-road use: This is what the Defender should look like after the makeover.

Kahn Design

The Land Rover Defender is the off-road veteran par excellence, a classic and, if you will, also a piece of British automotive cultural heritage.

Now the coachbuilders from the British refiner and tuner Kahn Design are putting their hands on the off-roader. Or, better said: you pull out the tin snips and restyle the Defender into a two-seater Spyder.

Power domes as roll bars

Specifically, it is the Defender 90 that is the subject of the conversion; the 90 is the shortest of three model variants. The specialists completely stripped the off-roader of its fixed roof and replaced it with a removable canvas fabric top that stretches over an aluminum structure and – when removed – can be stowed under the hood. Behind the two passengers rise two powerful power domes, which also function as roll bars.

Flying Huntsman 90 Spyder

Flying Huntsman 90 Spyder: There is no pricing information (yet). Of course, it shouldn’t come cheap.
Kahn Design

The conversion will take six months, and in the second quarter of 2024 the first customers – who, by the way, may want individualization – will be supplied with the Flying Huntsman Spyder 90. However, there won’t be too many, as Kahn Design’s annual planning only calls for eight units.

So far, the company has only presented drawings, which show, among other things, that the Spyder will probably have a different radiator grille than the production model. What other modifications are in the pipeline remains unclear, as does the price of the Flying Huntsman. According to the Kahn homepage, inquiries in this regard should be addressed directly to the company founder Afzal Kahn by email.

Land Rover Defender

Basis: The Land Rover Defender 90, here as a “Marine Blue Edition”.
Land Rover

The history of the Land Rover Defender began in 1948. It was built over two million times before production stopped in 2016, mourned by a global fan base. Unfulfillable requirements for pedestrian protection and emissions control had cost the British icon its existence. It was only in September 2019 that Land Rover presented the completely new Defender generation at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. It is offered in three body lengths (130, 110 and 90). The 90, which serves as the basis for the Spyder, is available in Germany as a three-liter six-cylinder diesel with 200, 249 or 300 hp, as well as a three-liter six-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with 400 hp and a five-liter V8 gasoline engine with 525 hp. Prices start at 63,300 euros.

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