How to make money from an affiliate program

How to make money from an affiliate program

How to make money from an affiliate program

Making money out affiliate programs of top brands is one of the most popular ideas that millions of online site owners have tried to use in recent years. It would seem that it could be simpler – register, advertise a well-known company from time to time, and see how the amount in your account grows. However, this idea of ​​making money on the Internet has a big pitfall – money will not flow to you like a river.

But why? If only because if you just grab the first offer that comes along without considering how much it matches the interests of your audience, the effect will be dubious. It makes no sense to advertise jewelry that costs tens of thousands of dollars if visitors to your website or social media page struggle to eat dinner every day. And you don't have to think that people will not sense the fakeness if you are not close to the ideas of the brand whose affiliate program you are promoting.

The first and simplest advice is to evaluate your capabilities, your audience and your site. Understand who is attracted to your content, then consider which major brands you can partner with. Also think about how you can make money with this brand and how high your income can be. Try to understand, at least from reviews on the Internet, whether a potential partner can support you with promotional material and how quickly their support service works.

Affiliate marketing in betting

You have gone this route and decided that the best answer to the question ''How to make money with the Internet in Africa?'' is to cooperate with a gambling and/or betting market. The advantage of such companies is the opportunity to receive substantial sums, because African people are passionate about and love sports. In this case, it makes sense to think about working with the 1xBet affiliate program.

But why? First of all, it is a huge brand, operating in all regions of the world and is an official partner of FC Barcelona, ​​​​Paris Saint-Germain, LOSC Lille, Serie A and the Confederation of African Football. Thus, the trust in 1xBet is very high among many players. Secondly, on the company's platform, you can bet on many sports, online casino games and events from other areas of life – from the Oscars to the results of the American elections. Third, the affiliate program will bring you real benefits.

How do you choose an affiliate program?

What could you want from an affiliate program?

Financial perspective

You get a stable commission with the possibility of growth and the opportunity to receive your earned money every week. There are several basic models of cooperation – for example, Revenue Share, where a participant in an affiliate program receives up to 40% of the bets of the players they attract to the platform. Partners get access to promotional materials that are interesting to the public and are regularly updated, taking into account current events. There is also access to statistics, which will allow you to better understand what visitors to your resource like.

Participants in the 1xBet affiliate program, which already has tens of thousands of participants from Africa, get all this. For example, last year partners earned an average of $500-800 per month. In February 2024, the affiliate's highest revenue was $16,000. You can withdraw this money in a way convenient for you, including through your gaming account.

Affiliate support

The personal affiliate program manager will help you create a demo account with which you can demonstrate to potential players how and what they should do on the 1xBet website and app. Well, by subscribing to the Telegram channel of the affiliate program, you can find out all the latest news and request promo materials and banners.

Affiliate account

You can view information about your income and player transfers/registrations in your personal account on the sister program website. You can also get a personal promo code that identifies the players brought and helps assign them to you for life.

First steps

Do you have any questions? Don't worry: this is where you'll find impressive opportunities when you partner with a major branding program. Remember that affiliate marketing requires patience – you will not become a millionaire overnight, but with a desire to learn and attention to detail, you can ensure a consistently high income.

  1. Understand your target audience

It is important to understand the players – the choice of content that can interest them depends on this. Promoting a product, even the coolest one, requires an effort that no one can do for you.

  1. Assess your sources

Analyze your resources and capabilities. Think about what your social media targeting should be, what you need to tell your audience and what will hook them. Should you use information about whether the bookmaker has a license or start with a story about bonuses and promotions that are important for beginners and gamblers? We also advise you to study the advertising restrictions that exist in your country. Select the media format. News, success stories, stories about strategies, announcements of the most important sports events – it is impossible to list all the options.

And don't be shy to ask.

3. Registration

Ready to try? Register in the 1xBet affiliate program. It's easy – go to, enter the necessary information and wait for your request confirmation by email.

Affiliate marketing is a great option to increase your income online. Take the first step and start your path to big money!

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