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The qualifying rounds World Cup 2026 They resumed last Thursday with the third date, in which the Colombian National Team tied 2-2 against Uruguay, at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla. The match took place at 3:30 pm, during the middle of the work day for the vast majority of Colombian workers. If you watched the game without the respective permission of your employer, can you be fired? We tell you.

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According to jurist Juan Daniel Valencia, partner of Gómez Valencia Abogados, there could be the possibility of sanctioning or, in the worst case, terminating the employment contract of a worker who has not received permission to watch the Colombian National Team match against Uruguay.

“It’s important to put it in perspective to see that it’s not just related to me paying someone to do ‘x’ and they’re doing ‘y,’ but also because “This type of behavior could put the health and integrity of the worker or the employer’s property at risk,” Valencia explained to the portal Valora Analytics.

In this order of ideas, it can be stated that the conduct is punishable because the worker interrupts the work for which he is paid and, in addition, may make mistakes.

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Colombian fans

Fans of the Colombian National Team.


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The Legal Affairs portal explains that “it could be a just cause to terminate the employment contract, with some nuances.”

In the event that the employee decides not to go to work to watch a game, whether in person at the stadium or in a bar or home, They can deduct the day or they could fire you with just cause, for abandoning your job.

James’ great goal in Colombia vs. Uruguay

James Rodríguez returned to the goal with the Colombian National Team and did so with a great score that opened the scoring for the Tricolor against Uruguay.

The play was born on the right zone, it was built by Rafael Santos Borré, who threw a deep pass to Santiago Arias who threw a great cross. James was waiting in the area, lowered the ball with his right leg and took a strong shot from his left foot to hit the ball into the net and score 1-0 in Barranquilla.

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