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James Rodriguez He once again became a protagonist, genius and figure. He was the best on the field in Colombia’s 2-2 draw against Uruguay. Camilo Vargas shone, but he was sent off at the end and that’s when the penalty tie came.

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Camilo Vargas: once again he brought out his reflections. She stopped everything they shot at her and was one of the figures. Unfortunately, he was sent off and committed the penalty to make it 2-2. Six points.

Santiago Arias: efficient at output. His perfect cross ended in James’ great goal. At the back he gained strength and finished very solid. Six points.

Carlos Cuesta: He suffered in the back, like the entire defense. He suffered on long balls. He was outplayed in the Uruguayan goal. Four points.

Dávinson Sánchez: bad in the setbacks, where the defense was almost always badly stopped. Five points.

Frank Fabra: with very little exit and a lot of work in his lane. Four points.

Wilmar Barrios: surpassed many times. He lacked help. Five points.

Matthew Uribe: He scored a goal and with that he improves his rating. He helped Barrios little in the process. Six points.

Colombia vs Uruguay

GOAL BY MATEUS URIBE. Image of the Colombia vs. Uruguay national team match in the city of Barranquilla, qualifier for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Photo Vanexa Romero


Vanexa Romero / El Tiempo

John Arias: recast on the court, disoriented. Uncomfortable in the left zone. He had a shot on the post. Four points.

Luis Diaz: He didn’t weigh, he didn’t shine, but the second goal is his share, he fought, he won, he saved a lost play that ended in Uribe’s goal. However, he missed a great opportunity. Five points.

James Rodriguez: splendid, as in his best times, guide and organizer. He scored the first, a great goal, and then hit the post with a shot. He was the figure. Eight points.

James Rodríguez vs. Statistics  Uruguay

James Rodríguez vs. Statistics Uruguay

Rafael Santos Borré: He had a great scoring opportunity, but the goalkeeper miraculously avoided it. Six points.

Richard Rios: He entered for Uribe (22 ST). Without complications, he played first class and helped Barrios. No note.

Jorge Carrascal: entered for James (34 ST). He didn’t shine. No note.

Luis Sinisterra: He entered for Borré (34 ST), fought in attack. No note.

Colombia vs Uruguay

Barranquilla October 12, 2023. Image of the Colombia vs. Uruguay national team match in the city of Barranquilla, qualifier for the 2026 FIFA World Cup Photo Vanexa Romero

Alvaro Montero: He came in for Jhon Arias (44 ST). He couldn’t save the penalty. No note.

Yerson Mosquera: He entered for Santiago Arias (44 ST). No note.

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