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The Colombian National Team is getting ready to face Ecuador this Tuesday on date 4 of the World Cup qualifiers.

The team worked this Saturday at the headquarters of Guarnefrom Atlético Nacional, and is getting ready to travel to Quito.

This same Saturday, the goalkeeper spoke to the press Kevin Mierwho maintains the expectation of having the opportunity to save, given the expulsion of Camilo Vargas.

Mier disputes the position with Alvaro Montero, one of the two will be chosen by coach Néstor Lorenzo. The goalkeeper spoke about that competition and analyzed what is coming for Colombia against Ecuador.

Mier’s Statements

Quito height: “It is a bit similar to Guarne, the idea is to try to condition it a little more to be more complete.”

What happened with Uruguay: “Knowing how to close the games, we had to win it but this is football and sometimes it doesn’t end the way you want, you have to keep trying to do things well.”

Your call:
“It is a great opportunity, a joy, we have to take advantage of it and do it in the best way whenever we get the opportunity.”

Colombia National Team Training in Metropolitano

Training of the Colombian National Team at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.


Vanexa Romero/ El Tiempo

Plan in Quito: “With the ball we know how good our footing is, they have arrows, direct players who go forward… We are going to want to have the ball, not run so much, although they are a very physical and direct opponent.”

The new Ecuador: “It is a team that plays much more, with a clearer idea, with more competitive players who are in the elite and know how to do it very well.”

Fight for the title with Montero: “Very healthy competition, we are colleagues, friends, we have to have unity and whoever has to take a shortcut will do it in the best way… We have faith and hope intact, the teacher will know what decision to make

To correct in defence: “Be more attentive at the back, a little more communication to avoid those moments of lack of concentration that we saw, the boys know it well.”


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