Magdeburg follows up in Plock

SC Magdeburg celebrated its first points in the group stage of the Champions League against RK Celje (39:23). Coach Bennet Wiegert’s team continued this on Thursday in Poland and took their second victory.

Magdeburg's Daniel Pettersson is under heavy pressure.

Magdeburg’s Daniel Pettersson is under heavy pressure.


Defending champions SC Magdeburg got their first away win in the group phase of the Champions League. Coach Wiegert’s team won on Thursday evening at Wisla Plock with 28:26 (14:12). The best SCM throwers in front of 4,000 spectators in the Orlen Arena were Felix Claar (9) as well as Matthias Musche and Omar Ingi Magnusson with five hits each. It was the second preliminary round win for the SCM, Plock remains winless with four defeats.

In the third SCM game against Plock in nine months, the sixth duel since May 2021 (3 wins/1 draw/1 defeat) against the seven-time Polish champions, the Magdeburgers got off to a dream start. After ten minutes we took a 6:2 lead, after a quarter of an hour it was 10:5. But then the SCM lacked its penetration in the attack. On the other hand, ex-Kiel playmaker Miha Zarabec impressed with good direction. Plock was able to reduce the score to 11:12 (27th).

After the change, the Elbestadt team had a hard time dealing with the mobile Wisla defense. The Champions League winner was hardly able to pull away. In the 43rd minute, Plock took the lead for the first time (18:17).

Wiegert appealed during the time out: “Now it’s our turn, I want heart and mentality now.” The Magdeburg team showed that they were twice outnumbered five minutes before the end when Magnusson took the lead 25:23 thanks to a seven-meter penalty. The SCM, who play against FC Porto on October 19th (8:45 p.m.), maintained this lead over time.

Wisla Plock/Poland – SC Magdeburg 26:28 (12:14)

Tore Plock: Lucin (6/1 Siebenmeter), Dawydzik (5), Fazekas (3), Piroch (3), Krajewski (2), Mihic (2), Perez Arce (2), Zhitnikov (2), Mindegia Elizaga (1)
Tore Magdeburg: Claar (9), Magnusson (5/5), Musche (5), Damgaard Nielsen (3), Bergendahl (1), Hornke (1), Lagergren (1), O’Sullivan (1), Pettersson (1), Weber (1)
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