Next dilemma: Incorrect pre-season rewards in FC 24

The problems don’t stop in EA SPORTS FC 24 either. The Ultimate Team mode is again affected, in which incorrect rewards were now sent. The developer has already reacted and promises compensation.

The next faux pas in FC 24.

The next faux pas in FC 24.

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Ultimate Team mode players have already been able to prepare for EA SPORTS FC 24 in FIFA 23. In the so-called pre-season there were different tasks under the motto “Join The Club”. If these were fulfilled, rewards for FC 24 were secured.

Yesterday, Thursday, these were distributed as planned – but incorrectly. As part of “Join The Club III”, “players were mistakenly given an 85×5 player pack,” writes the X channel (formerly Twitter) ‘EA SPORTS FC Direct Communications’. It goes on to say: “The reward has been temporarily disabled” and the correct content will be issued “in the coming days”. What was actually planned was an 83+x5 pack and an 84+x3 pack. In addition, there were also errors with “Join The Club I” – incorrect packs were also sent there. In this regard, EA SPORTS also announced compensation “in the coming days”.

Initial hype is giving way more and more to frustration

In general, there is currently some criticism of the game – after the conclusion was positive shortly after release. On the one hand, the start of the Road to FC Pro World Championship caused a stir. The portfolio of complaints was diverse: from eternal waiting times to phantom defeats.

A glitch in squad battles recently made headlines in UT. There it was possible to start a 3vs3 game via a detour. Norwegian Ada Hegerberg’s gold item caused a bug that prevented matches from starting. The Olympique Lyon player then received hate messages. EA SPORTS recently released a title update that is supposed to fix over 100 bugs.

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