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The Italians Nicolo Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali, Aston Villa and Newcastle players, respectively, they acknowledged having bet on games of chance, but denied having bet on football matches within the framework of the ‘Betting Case’ being investigated by the Turin Prosecutor’s Office and for which they abandoned the concentration with the Italian team.

The players were questioned by the Italian Police this Thursday in Coverciano (Florence, north), at the end of training in Italy. Both denied having bet on football games, only on “poker and blackjack”, according to the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ reported this Friday.
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Tremendous problem

Nor did they deny being friends of their compatriot Nicolo Fagioli, a Juventus player who was the first name in football to appear in the investigation carried out by the Turin Prosecutor’s Office for several months related to illegal betting on unlicensed online sites.

The same newspaper reported that the list of players does not end with those three names and that for now, since it could be expanded as the days go by, there are ten players.

In fact, the Italian media ‘Dillinger news’, which this Thursday announced that Zaniolo and Tonali were involved, assured today that the fourth footballer involved is the Polish Nicola Zalewski, a winger for Roma, although at the moment there is no official confirmation that the young footballer is involved.

After the interrogation of Zaniolo and Tonali, the Police seized the cell phones of both parties involved to review all the messages and clarify whether they bet on soccer matches.

Fagioli, on the other hand, would have admitted to having bet on football, according to local media, but the fact that he had reported himself to sports justice, as the player’s lawyers revealed, could reduce his sanctions.

And betting in Italy is allowed, but not for those related to the Italian Football Federation, which in this case are subject to the organization’s own Sports Code.

In this specific case, article 24 states that regardless of their role in the sport, betting on football is prohibited, so if it is proven that Tonali and Zaniolo did not bet on matches, they would not receive sanctions from the FIGC. but those of ordinary justice, in this case much lower than those of sports.

“To the subjects of the federative regime, managers, partners and card-carrying members of clubs belonging to the professional sector to place or accept bets, directly or indirectly, even from persons authorized to receive them, related to the results of official matches organized within the framework of the FIGC, FIFA and UEFA”, reads the aforementioned article.

The sanction, if this type of crime is confirmed, could entail a minimum of 3 years of suspension and a fine of at least 25,000 euros. The Turin Prosecutor’s Office came across the names of the players unexpectedly while investigating a betting network on illegal sites in which Italian organized crime could be involved.
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