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Shakira and Gerard Piqué have had a tense relationship since their separation last year. The former Barcelona soccer player is accused of having cheated on the Colombian singer with Clara Chía, while the Barranquilla native was working on her tours and concerts around the world.

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So much Shakira and Piqué decided to continue their lives and with the aim of not crossing paths again. The Colombian moved to Miami to relaunch her musical career, while the Spaniard continues his business in Europe and enjoys his relationship with Clara Chía, despite the difficulties they have experienced in recent months.

However, several reasons have led to escalating tension between celebrities: the custody of their children, Milan and Sasha, the sale of properties and Shakira songs with hints at Piqué and his family.

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Carolina Gaitán and Shakira

The actress traveled to Barcelona to interview Shakira.

Unusual request from Piqué

Gerard Piqué has admitted to having a very busy nightlife; A few weeks ago he admitted that he likes to go out with his partner and friends to enjoy some drinks and good music.

However, whenever he leaves his house to a nightclub, he experiences some awkward moments with Clara Chía while she is partying. many people remind him of Shakira with her songs, They even start chanting the Colombian’s name.

One of the most remembered and most unusual moments was when the former goalkeeper, Iker Casillas requested a song from the Colombian at a Kings League party, moment that was not to Piqué’s liking.

Shakira and Piqué

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They prohibited playing Shakira. The DJ told me

Faced with these situations, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía decided to take action in the matter so as not to make the night bitter, as he revealed to the program Socialite a person who met the former soccer player at a party in Spain.

According to his testimony, Piqué and Clara Chía prohibited the DJ from playing Shakira’s song in the nightclub so as not to ruin the fun time and encourage people to sabotage the night.

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“They prohibited playing Shakira. The DJ told me: ‘They won’t let me,'” was the confession of a person on the Telecinco program, pointing out that the couple made that condition before going to the club.

Piqué singing at a party

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Night out in Malaga

Clara was glued to Piqué. Me, the moments I saw her, with Piqué. Only with Piqué

According to their story, the Spanish couple arrived late at night to a VIP area from the place where several friends like the streamer Ibai Llanos were waiting for him. There, they showed all their love and did not leave each other at any time.

“Clara was attached to Piqué. I, the moments I saw her, with Piqué. Only with Piqué. All the time looking for him,” said the witness, who was on a night out in Malaga.

In addition, he revealed that the former player decided to enjoy the moment with Clara Chía and refused to take photos with some people who approached him with that intention.

“He doesn’t want to take photos with anyone. I told Piqué: ‘Hey, a photo please’ and he looked at me with an unpleasant, fatal face. Everyone else from the Kings League took photos with people and were very friendly. Nobody could get close to Clara Chía and Piqué. It was like maximum security. “All the doormen at the club are looking out for him,” concluded the person who reproached Piqué for his bad attitude.


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