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Shakira and Gerard Piqué were the protagonists of a turbulent love breakup last year. The Barranquilla woman discovered the infidelities of the former Barcelona player while doing his tours and concerts, and decided to end a relationship of more than 12 years.

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After the painful breakup, Shakira decided to relaunch her artistic career with several global hits that have taken her to the top of playlists in the world.

Some days ago, Shakira premiered her new global hit and took the opportunity to throw a new dart at her former romantic partner, Gerard Piqué. The Colombian singer premiered ‘El Jefe’ alongside the Mexican group Fuerza Regida, in which she mentions Lili Melgar, the former nanny of her children with the Spanish businessman, and her former father-in-law.

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Shakira and Lili Melgar

The former babysitter appeared in the song’s video.


TikTok: @lilimelgar80

In ‘El Jefe’ Shakira seems to be talking about workers who have precarious salaries and their bosses do not treat them well. However, some people have noticed that refers to his former father-in-law, Joan Piqué, the grandfather of his children Milan and Sasha.

“They say there is no evil, that it lasts more than a hundred years, but there is still my ex-father-in-law who does not set foot in the grave,” was the Colombian singer’s dedication to Spanish.

Plot against Shakira

In recent days, the paparazzi Jordi Martin, known for closely following the Spaniard’s infidelities, has brought to light a shocking revelation: claims that former soccer player Gerard Piqué and his father, Joan Piqué, hatched a plot against the famous Colombian singer.

Piqué and Shakira's dad

Piqué and Shakira’s father.


Screenshot YouTube, Instagram Shakira

The objective of this conspiracy is to defame Shakira and damage her image, after the release of her new global hit “El Jefe.” The paparazzi said that Some former employees of Shakira denounced alleged mistreatment by the singer, at the request of the former soccer player and his family, something that would be quite an invention.

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In addition, it uncovered a connection between the former Barcelona player and an important media outlet in Spain. The Kings League (a company created by Piqué) would have signed a contract with MediaSet (Telecinco) for the television rights to the sporting event. Martín maintains that it is too convenient a coincidence that all these complaints are being aired on Telecinco.

Gerard Piqué love advice

Piqué claimed to be very in love with his current partner Clara Chía.


TikTok Screenshot: Kings League Whiteboard

“Gerard Piqué is the owner of the Kings League and the Kings League closes a contract with MediaSet España, which is Telecinco, for the television rights of the Kings League and What a coincidence that all these people are appearing on Telecinco, what a coincidence!“said Jordi Martin in the program Love and Fire.

Jordi affirms that these types of events are not a coincidence and stated a hypothetical case, where he, as owner of the Kings League, closed an agreement with Williams and asked him to defame someone. According to Martín, this situation is what is happening in the case of Shakira.

On the other hand, Jordi Martín came out to defend the singer and He stated that he knows Shakira personally and can testify in her favor in relation to the accusations of workplace abuse towards her collaborators.

“In Spain, a girl named Cristian Cárdenas has been the director of the Colombian’s video clips and says that by contract she did not allow the extras in the video clips, in the filming, to look at Shakira’s face, I’m sorry a lot, Rodrigo, and it’s not because he’s close to Shakira, But in the 13 years that I have been by his side, I can assure you, that is unthinkable.“, he stated.


Shakira, Colombian singer.


EFE/ Ricardo Maldonado Rozo

Piqué’s father is the one who kept the accounting of the entire conglomerate of companies, Piqué’s father is the one who screwed Shakira to the bottom

Finally, Jordi Martin made a shocking accusation: He pointed out that Gerard Piqué’s father is responsible for an alleged tax fraud against the Spanish Treasury for which Shakira is being investigated.

“An alleged crime in 2018 for having been taxed outside of Spain, income that according to the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office should have been taxed here (…) Piqué’s father is the one who kept the accounting of the entire conglomerate of companies, the father of Piqué is the one who screwed Shakira to the core,” Martin concluded in his revealing statement.

It should be remembered that the Barranquilla woman is once again in trouble for tax fraud in Spain. The Economic Crimes Prosecutor’s Office filed a complaint against the Colombian artist for her alleged involvement in a tax fraud of 6,686,502 euros.

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