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The former Barcelona footballer, Gerard Pique attended the Kings League final this Saturday with his beloved Clara Chía. The couple flew from Barcelona to Malaga to be present at the tournament that has captured everyone’s attention in recent months.

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However, the former soccer player got a major surprise on the flight that took them to their destination, A Colombian woman noticed Piqué’s presence and took the risk of asking him for an autograph.

The woman shared on her social networks what the uncomfortable anecdote with the Spanish businessman on the plane was like: “Things that I wouldn’t even believe happen to me,” she began by recounting on her X (Twitter) account.

Gerard Piqué

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“Clara Chía and Piqué came on my flight from Barcelona to Malaga. This seems personal against my beloved Colombia on Hispanic Heritage Day,” said the compatriot when she saw the former Spanish player.

Upon seeing the couple, the Colombian decided to approach Piqué to ask for an autograph for a cousin, while her mother was recording, from all angles, the unforgettable moment.

But the joy lasted only a few seconds, Gerard Piqué refused to sign the autograph: “I lost my dignity asking for an autograph. My aunt asked me for one for my little cousin and the man told me ‘No, not now,'” explained the Colombian, who was not expecting the businessman’s response.

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Gerard Piqué

Of course, the tweeter He highlighted the kindness shown by Clara Chía in the awkward moment; The young Spanish woman was in charge of bringing the sheet to Piqué so that he could capture his signature.

“But Clara was very kind, why not? She smiled at me, nodded and handed her the paper. Thanks to her I have the autograph for my cousin“, the Colombian who achieved the goal concluded with laughter.


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