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Lineup of the Colombian National TeamLineup of the Colombian National Team

Colombia selection

The soccer players appeared at the Metropolitano de Barranquilla with their children.

The The Colombian team is facing its counterpart from Uruguay for the third date of the South American qualifiers, heading to the 2026 World Cup. Although the game has attracted attention, a curious fact before the start of the game gave something to talk about.

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Several players from the Colombian National Team decided to go out with their children hand in hand or in arms to face Uruguay, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the fans who attended the Roberto Meléndez Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla.

The first in line was James Rodriguez, with the captain’s sash of the Colombian National Team and with his son Samuel in his arms. The man from Cucuta commanded the exit to the playing field with his youngest son accompanying him, who He was wearing a jacket that said ‘Dad’ and the number ’10’ on the back.

Another of those who looked very happy along with his son, went to the left side Frank Fabraone of the big surprises in the starting lineup of coach Néstor Lorenzo in the Colombian National Team.

Santiago Arias also did the same and with his children Lucca and Thiago, with whom he left in his arms. For his part, Luis Díaz decided to go out with a family member who was not well captured by the broadcast cameras.

Why did they go out with their children?

The Colombian National Team would have decided that the players would take the field with their children, since this is children’s month in the country and it would have been a way to honor them.

The most emotional thing about the moment was that James Rodríguez, Santiago Arias and Frank Fabra sang the Colombian anthem along with the minors who somehow caught the attention of the fans.


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