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The racist insults that Vinicius received at Mestalla went around the world and the case also ended up in court. There were three arrested for rebuking the Brazilian striker. This Thursday, the Brazilian Real Madrid player testified by videoconference from Madrid to the Investigative Court number 10 in Valencia. He has confirmed that he suffered racist insults at Mestalla on May 21. He has also announced that his intention is to sue judicially for the same..

As this newspaper has learned, the Brazilian also declared this Wednesday by videoconference and also as a victim in a similar case in the Benito Villamarín and expressed himself in similar terms. The events would have happened on March 5 and there is an investigation into the case.

Manuel Izquierdo, one of the defendants’ lawyers, has confirmed that Vinicius has extended the accusation to the entire crowd. “At one point he said that he received insults from all over Mestalla, that it was not limited only to the young stands and that he received insults of the same nature as the rest of the Mestalla stands,” the lawyer noted. That was the theory that Ancelotti defended in the press room after the crash, although he rectified two days later, given the images that showed that Mestalla had dismissed him contemptuously shouting “fool, fool” but not ‘monkey, monkey’. .

Sources familiar with the statement have indicated that La Liga, which was the promoter of the judicialization of the case, did want to limit the facts to the accused, who were expelled for life from Mestalla by Valencia. In fact, the employers’ association has presented an expert report reading the lips of those investigated with the intention of refuting their statement in which they admitted the gestures but denied any racist motivation in their behavior.

In any case, both this Thursday and Wednesday, the player thanked the club’s employers’ association for their work in defending him and in the fight against racism. Vinicius was asked about his own gestures in which he sent Valencia to the Second Division before receiving those insults, the player has admitted them and linked them to his character. “He has recognized that he feels like a better player when people whistle at him and he has recognized in a quite implicit way that that day he provoked the Mestalla stands,” said lawyer Manuel Izquierdo.

Militao, in November

In addition, this Thursday it was confirmed that Éder Militao, Vinicius’ teammate, has also been summoned to testify in November as being harmed by these insults after the study of the stadium cameras that clearly place him as one of the victims, according to sources familiar with the case. . “Our impression is that the league intends to universalize a very serious problem, such as racism on the Mestalla field, and that it wants to bring the maximum number of players of color to this process,” the lawyer said.

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