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The Italians Nicolo Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali, players of the Aston Villa and Newcastle, respectively, they acknowledged having bet on games of chance, but denied having bet on football matches within the framework of the ‘Betting Case’ being investigated by the Turin Prosecutor’s Office and for which they abandoned the concentration with the Italian team.

The players were questioned by the Italian Police this Thursday in Coverciano (Florence, north), at the end of Italy’s training session. Both denied having bet on football games, only on “poker and blackjack”, according to the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ reported this Friday.
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They also did not deny being friends of their compatriot Nicolo Fagioli, Juventus player which was the first football name to appear in the investigation carried out by the Turin Prosecutor’s Office for several months related to illegal betting on unlicensed online sites.

More involved

The newspaper Marca warns that Fabrizio Coronaa former paparazzi who spent three months in prison for extortion, pointed out that the plot may involve up to three Serie A presidents.

In ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’, Corona mentioned the name of the Roma player Nicola Zalewski, but this does not appear on the list of suspects nor in the investigation of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

“In an interview with the ‘Corriere della Sera’, Corona stated that “the source of the news is the uncle of a former Inter player. Mourinho, close friend of Mario Balotelli”.

And he adds: “Mario is a friend of mine, he came here many times, he was shocked by the evidence I gave him… his uncle says that his nephew had moved to Rome and then opened a gambling den,” says Marca.

‘La Stampa’ confirmed the involvement of Nicolò Fagioli, from Juventus. “He denounced himself. ‘Repubblica’ later indicated that, from the police, they have at least 10 names of footballers involved although, so far, four have already appeared,” Marca commented.
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