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Shakira and Gerard Piqué ‘they split blankets’ and each one on their own tries to do the best possible, even though the steps each one takes are known. First the work, yes.

They are both very busy. She, in recent weeks, with the release of ‘El Jefe’, while he continues with his Kings Leaguewhich gives them to continue in activity.
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In the spotlight

The latest information we have is that the ex-couple reached an agreement to be able to sell a mansion that they had, or have, in Barcelona.

It is noted that there are several demands from the couple to be able to sell the property, but so far this has not been possible.

The luxurious property has its history, since they lived there from 2012 to 2023. It is said that it has three mansions on the same land. Due to its importance, the Barranquilla player and the former defender of the Barcelona They reached an agreement to get out of it. But there is more.

More comments

A driver from Barranquilla who was invited to the Socialité program told several intimate stories.

He said that the Colombian’s brother, Tonywas the one who leaked information to journalists.

“(Tonino) sits in the passenger seat and yells at you continuously; (while she) plays that she is oblivious to the situation, when she is fully aware and witnesses each of the negligent situations in a benevolent manner,” he said.

And he added: “I had to turn the center mirror of the vehicle down because, according to them, you could be tempted to look at her.”

Finally, she referred to the treatment with the people who collaborate with her at home, and it did not leave her in a good light.

“He blames drivers and employees for any kind of leaks, when he was the one who was totally in cahoots with the paparazzi, he clearly gave them instructions over the phone, for example: ‘Shaki is no longer going out,’” he said.
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