The draft law on the establishment of the North-West Development Commission is passing the second reading in the Senate

The draft law on the establishment of the North-West Development Commission passed the second reading in the Senate on Thursday.

The Deputy Senate President, Barau Jibrin informed the Senate of the fact that the bill was approved by the Ninth National Assembly but did not receive the signature of former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Barau said the purpose of the bill was to establish the North West Development Commission, which would be a driving force in harnessing the various potentials of the region and bridging the gap in infrastructure development.

According to him, the North West region has played an important role in the overall progress of Nigeria, especially in agriculture and various sectors.

He noted that the area has suffered a significant lack of development.

“What the region now requires from the Federal Government is support for the development of its infrastructure and the education of its promising youths to lead the development process of the zone as a whole to grow with the more developed zones of the country. said.

“The infrastructure of the zone has been massively destroyed by the activities of Boko Haram insurgents, armed bandits and kidnappers across the region, which has led to the exodus of investors, businessmen, company managers and employees.

“This destruction has a major impact on the region's economy, as it has led to severe food shortages and unemployment in a region that has traditionally produced cash and food crops across the Sahel,” he added.

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