Top 4 classic matches of Vietnamese football

This one Classic game of Vietnamese football not only the competitions on the field, but also the emotional journeys, connections and pride of fans throughout the years. let's colatv Learn about the top 5 Classic game of Vietnamese football worth seeing in history in this article.

1. Final rematch of the 2008 AFF Cup tournament

Classic game of Vietnamese football
Vietnam became champion of the AFF Cup tournament in 2008

The AFF Cup has changed its format since 2004 when the matches in the semi-finals and finals were held in a first leg format. However, in 2008, the tournament did not apply the rule of out goals, creating conditions for dramatic confrontations.

The final between Vietnam and Thailand has become one of the Classic game of Vietnamese football. Away from home, the Vietnamese team won 2-1 in Bangkok, thanks to goals from Vu Phong and Cong Vinh.

In the return leg at home, Thailand quickly scored the opening goal, making the final score 2-2 after two games and pushing the game into extra time.

Minute 90+3, Cong Vinh scored the decisive goal to help Vietnam win the AFF Cup championship for the first time, creating one of the classic matches of Vietnamese football.

2. Semi-final second leg of AFF Cup 2016 at My Dinh Stadium

The match between Vietnam and Indonesia in the semi-final second leg of the 2016 AFF Cup is considered one of the memorable confrontations in Vietnamese football history. Under the guidance of coach Nguyen Huu Thang, the Vietnamese team went through stressful and tumultuous moments.

After losing 1-2 away from home, the pressure on the Vietnamese team on My Dinh's home field was enormous. With the hope of winning tickets to the next round through the away goals rule, all attention is focused on the defence. However, an unfortunate mistake occurred, causing Vietnamese football to go through stressful moments.

Nguyen Manh and Dinh Dong made important mistakes, which led to an own goal and a straight red card for Nguyen Manh. With only 10 men left on the field and no more substitutions, the Vietnamese team faced a big challenge.

It looked like all hope was lost, but Van Thanh and Vu Minh Tuan excited fans with important goals.

However, unable to keep the advantage, in extra time Indonesia equalized the score, won with a total score of 4-3. Although they did not go far, the courage and efforts of the Vietnamese team were deeply impressed in the hearts of fans and are considered part of the great achievements. Match terrible dictionary belong to Vietnamese football.

3. Final match of the 2018 Asian U23 tournament

Vietnamese players celebrate after Quang Hai's masterpiece free kick
Vietnamese players celebrate after Quang Hai's masterpiece free kick

The 2018 U23 Asian Finals witnessed the impressive debut of coach Park Hang-seo in Vietnam. U23 Vietnam caused a big surprise when reaching the final, every match became memorable classic matches.

However, the most remembered match was the final against U23 Uzbekistan, which took place in difficult weather conditions with snow and rain in Changzhou. Quang Hai took a beautiful picture with his “rainbow in the snow” free kick, leaving a mark in the hearts of fans.

Although our team suffered a 1-2 defeat in the last extra time, the second place is still a proud achievement and a great boost for Vietnamese football. That match was not only a sporting event, but also one of the Classic game of Vietnamese footballand leaves a deep mark in the history of the team.

4. AFF Cup 2028 final

Vietnam ChampionshipsAFF Cup 2018 or10 years of position enter enemy last
Vietnam ChampionshipsAFF Cup 2018 or10 years of position enter enemy last

The 2018 AFF Cup final second leg between Vietnam and Malaysia did not bring as much drama as the match 10 years ago. However, this tournament witnessed the sublimation of the Vietnamese team as they not only relied on luck but also showed determination and victory with courage and team spirit.

In the first leg, despite leading by 2 goals, Vietnam was still tied. Returning to the home ground of My Dinh, Anh Duc's lone goal decided the victory and brought the second championship title to the Vietnamese team at the AFF Cup.

This match is not only a sporting event, but also a Classic game of Vietnamese football, where the team showed strength, determination and team spirit. At the same time, it is also a clear testament to the development and progress of Vietnamese football in recent times.

Above are the top 4 Classic game of Vietnamese football to do cola tv synthetic. Those are matches that not only leave an impression on the hearts of fans, but are also a solid source of encouragement for the future of Vietnamese football.

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