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The best goalkeepers of the Serbian team have played an irreplaceable role in the team's football history, bringing pride and hope to fans. With their skills, fighting spirit and passion for the sport, they contributed a lot to bringing the Serbian team to important successes in the national football history. Let us join 6686 bet Learn about the best goalkeepers of this Serbian team!

Vladimir Stojkovic

Battle experience

Stojković has amassed an incredible and diverse career. He has played in many different leagues and levels, from club level to national team. This experience not only gives him confidence on the field, but also brings stability and leadership to Serbia's defense.


Stojković's reflexes are truly remarkable. He can react and read the game very well, helping him become a scary “wall” for the Serbian team. Not only is he able to block dangerous shots, Stojković also knows how to read and understand situations, especially in unexpected situations, thereby helping the team avoid unnecessary goals.

With experience and excellent reflexes, Vladimir Stojković contributed significantly to the success of the Serbian team in the years when the team participated in tournaments such as Euro or World Cup. He is one of the best goalkeepers of the Serbian team, admired and respected in the football history of this country.

Predrag Rajković

Flexibility in gameplay

Rajković's versatility is a key strength. With responsibility as one Best goalkeeper of the Serbian team, it is extremely important to adapt to a variety of situations. From tackling in dangerous areas to handling the ball safely and accurately, he has the ability to react to a variety of situations on the field.

Personal skills

This is also a special strength of Predrag Rajković. He not only knows how to block and catch the ball well, he also has the ability to play football very well. Rajković's playing technique allows him to participate in the formation of the back, giving Serbia more variety in his playing style.

Young career experience

Despite being a young talent, Rajković already has some important experience in his career. He has played at many different levels, from youth tournaments to national and club level. This helped him grow quickly and take a place in the top ranks Best goalkeeper of the Serbian team.

Tactical thinking

Rajković is also highly regarded for his tactical thinking skills. The goalkeeper is not only the catcher of the ball, but also the “referee” of the field, making important tactical decisions. With these strengths, Predrag Rajković is truly one of the promising young talents in world football and also becomes the best goalkeeper of the Serbian team. His progress will continue to attract the attention of many major teams.

Dragan Pantelić

Courage and determination

Dragan Pantelić is famous for his courage and determination in matches. He is always ready to give drastic and decisive answers in dangerous situations. This ability not only helps him to block strong shots from the opponent, but also creates confidence for the defense of the Serbian team.


Pantelić is not only an excellent goalkeeper, but also a leader on the pitch. He always gives direction and maintains stability for the team's defense. His team spirit is demonstrated not only by defending the home goal, but also by creating a bond and understanding between players, helping the Serbian team function as a solid team organization.

With courage, determination and team spirit, Dragan Pantelić contributed a lot to the successes of the Serbian team. He is a symbol in the hearts of the fans and has left a deep mark as the best goalkeeper of the Serbian team in the football history of this country.

Dragoslav Jevrić

Ability to block penalty

Jevrić is famous for his excellent penalty kick skills. During the important matches of the Serbian team at Euro are live on the channel live football 6686 want, he saved the home team many times with unbelievable tackles. This requires not only technique and reflexes, but also extreme concentration and an indomitable spirit.

Football technique

Another strong point of Dragoslav Jevrić is his good football technique. He is not only a conservative goalkeeper, but he also has the ability to play football flexibly. This helps Serbia to build attacks from the back more flexibly, as Jevrić can participate in distributing the ball and creating variety in the game.


From Vladimir Stojković, Predrag Rajković, Dragan Pantelić to Dragoslav Jevrić, each person has their own unique characteristics, but are united in their fighting spirit and passion for football. Her courage, leadership spirit and excellent reflexes have helped her become the best goalkeeper of the Serbian team.

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