Which site is best for soccer predictions

Which site is best for soccer predictions

Bettors are required to conduct thorough research before betting money on any bet. Millions of football bettors speculate on the results of various bets, but only a handful win. What sets the winners apart from others is research and access to football prediction sites. If you are wondering which sites to choose for football predictions, you can refer to the list of the best handpicked sites that we have compiled in this post. Take a look.


If you want reliable results on tough bets like Correct Score, Asian Handicap or Fixed Odds, you can ease the pain by subscribing to the sites available at top soccer tipsters This site excels in the quality of predictions and also serves them in a customer friendly manner. If you have the time, you can select today's soccer predictions and level the field for yourself.

The site offers excellent customer service and provides a secure environment for transactions. It has also made an effort to delete tipsters who fail to achieve 70% winning rate to make the betting space safe for punters. The additional services such as livescore and live odds help the punters to milk the opportunity that comes to them during the match. Thus, there are many ways in which the punters maximize their chance of winning bets when they associate with this site.


Topsportspick.com is one of the best handpicked sites for football bet picks where you can find timely tips for upcoming matches. This site covers more than 24 leagues and tournaments and performs the required calculations to provide correct predictions. Here the bettors get the chance to compare two tipsters with 'tipster compare' tool. They can also use the tracker to know about the statistics of successful bets. All popular bets are predicted here with accuracy close to 80%-90%. Apart from providing predictions, it also offers 'compare odds' feature to help the bettors access the most competitive odds that are trending in the market.


Soccertipsters.net is an excellent soccer prediction site that provides updated tipster directory to predictors. The forecasting experts here provide more than 100 tips per day. With the help of statistics available here, the bettors can know about the best performing prediction makers. This information helps them invest their money on the right expert. You can find the predictions for today's football matches here. Available betting services are Asian Handicap, 1×2 Fixed Odds, Fixed Draw, Over/Under Goals and correct scoring tips etc. If you want to register yourself as a tipster, then this facility is also available here.


Equalizer Football is the bet's haven because it takes effort to connect them with the best prediction sites. The site provides the latest records of proven soccer tipsters under the 'Today Soccer Tipsters' section, where the predictions for the matches to be delivered on the same day and in the coming weekend. The bettors can filter the results based on the competition type and betting service. This football prediction site highlights only the genuine and best performing tipsters. Their accuracy is anywhere between 82%-94%, which helps the bettors swell their accounts with winning amounts.


Verifiedsoccertipster.com is much more than a soccer prediction site. In addition to giving tips on the betting odds, this site offers updated news from the world of football. For any bet to succeed, the bettors need to know about the events off the field that can affect the team's performance in the ground. With the updated news and thoughts of the forum participants, the bettors can predict the trends and choose their odds with a high success rate. It works as the voice box for Portugal Club, too, which gives the bettors the information about the latest happenings within the teams.


At Prediction Soccer.net, none of the leagues miss the radar of experts. This page highlights the upcoming match and lists the league and the competing teams. So the bettors can choose the tip directly. The buying process of the tips is also quite simple and does not require more than three steps. Top 5 tipster records are available all the time, where the best predictors are registered with success of 82%-83%. When in doubt, the bettors can consider suggestions by the tipsters here and increase their winning rate. Common betting services covered are Correct Score, 1X2 Fixed odds, Over/Under, etc.

7. football365.tips

Football 365 is the ultimate destination for the most accurate football predictions. This site is the favorite source of successful bettors because it provides predictions that excel in quality. The football betting tips are available nationwide here. It helps the bettors to reach the league of their choice quickly and make decisions quickly. Premier Leagues of different countries, Liga Professional, Serie B, etc. are some of the popular leagues predicted here. The predicted bets are Correct Score, Asian Handicap, 1X2 Fixed Odds and Over/Under.

8. Tipstersguide.com

Tipstersguide.com offers advice on various bets that are otherwise a bit difficult to predict. This prediction page highlights the top 5 games and the best prediction makers along with their performance. Thus, the bettors can choose the most promising prediction makers and increase their chances of winning. The joining process and that of buying tips or predictions is quite simple. This site also offers replacement tip for the losing bet the next day. Under the 'upcoming picks' section, bettors can access the predictions for upcoming matches. So, this site helps bettors prepare well for the bets and make good earnings.


Betting-advise is a tipster monitoring site that connects the punters with some of the most promising and real prediction sites. The verification system of this site is quite robust and only the best performing experts who provide regular tips can stay in the network. Apart from giving tips, the site also runs a complaint redressal cell where the complaints related to the tipsters are resolved to the best satisfaction of the customer. So, if the result of a bet seems boring, you can reach the prediction site registered here and get the best idea.


Protipster.net is determined to protect the bettors from losses and other providers of fake predictions and does it best by providing the list of the best hand-picked football prediction sites. The prediction sites are verified through an unbiased and unalterable tips verification system. Some of the bets predicted here are Correct Score, Asian Handicap and 1X2. By tracking the generated profits, the site chooses the tipsters who can help connect the bettors with the most lucrative predictors.


The betting world is a tricky place to be in as there are various scam websites floating around. With the help of the best prediction sites, the bettors can guarantee that they remain in safer hands. They can get the expert advice on difficult bets and also improve their winnings. So, if you need a reliable support for predicting the outcome of any bet, you can refer to the list above and get the help as needed.

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