Asian Handicap: AZ knowledge and 3 ways to analyze winning bets

Asian Handicap, although diverse in handicap parameters, is actually not too complicated to conquer. However, this is still a big challenge for many rookies, the ball chances give them a headache when analyzing, but the winning rate is still low. Grab the full set of manuals below for a safe bet and win easily as you play hi88.

Overview of Asian handicaps

If you are passionate about soccer betting, you should definitely understand every ball rate in detail. While playing, every bettor will see or have chosen to bet on Asian football. This is the most popular, most common and most special bet today.

Asian Handicap
Overview of Asian football betting

Therefore, Asian handicap is also known as Handicap handicap, Handicap bet, … No matter where you bet, Asian handicap is present and gives players countless chances to win. Normally, when the bookmaker sets this bet, it means that they want to balance in all aspects between the two teams. The bottom team was not too weak then, less than the top team.

Based on the difference, the playground provides specific handicap parameters. According to betting regulations, Handicap bets are only valid for approximately 90 minutes of official competition and extra time. Therefore, extra time does not count as a handicap.

In addition to basic handicap parameters, Asian football odds also come with a variety of other ball odds such as: Parity, corner kicks, penalty cards, etc. Successful conquest of this football bet brings countless benefits to players. professional bettor.

Why should you choose Asian odds for soccer betting?

You have a variety of options for different ball ratios when participating in ball betting. However, that is why everyone is confused when faced with this bet. According to experts, successfully conquering Handicap bets brings many great values, such as:

  • Easily conquer any ball odds without fear.
  • Increase your chances of winning football bets.
  • Various betting options because Asian handicap parameters are quite rich.
  • Easily covers all football betting knowledge, this shows that Handicap betting is extremely important knowledge that every bettor must master.
Advantages of Asian handicap
Advantages of Asian handicap

Check out the common handicaps when betting in Asia

Asian bets are extremely important and mainly because they have many different handicaps. During the betting process, players must understand the following types in order to proactively choose and accurately analyze:

  • Handicap betting: belongs to the Handicap betting system but their handicap parameter defaults to 0. The two teams are therefore fairly balanced in terms of level and performance.
  • Handicap of 0.5 balls or handicap of 1/2: Asian handicap appears with a handicap of 1/2, which proves that the top team has a handicap of 0.5 balls to the lower team.
  • 3/4 Handicap: The stronger team handicaps the weaker team by 0.75 balls.
  • Handicap 1 ball: For this Handicap bet, the upper team handicaps the lower team by 1 ball. Therefore, if they want to win, they need to score a difference of 2 goals.
  • In addition, in the process of betting on football, there are also many different handicaps. The larger the parameter, the more different the two teams are in shape and strength.

Experience in analyzing extremely standard Asian handicaps for maximum winning rate

Handicap betting is not complicated or difficult. Therefore, just make an assessment based on each of the following factors and you will surely make the right decision:

Preliminary assessment of the competition

First, to evaluate standard Asian handicap, You should learn about the game briefly. This ball bet represents the difference between the two teams, so by briefly analyzing the player, it is easy to know whether the house has given the standard parameters or not.

In addition, understanding the game is also the basis for bettors to look at all problems objectively and accurately. This guarantees maximum winning rate when betting on football later.

Experience in analyzing extremely accurate odds
Experience in analyzing extremely accurate odds

Analyze each team's scoring ability

When betting on Asian odds, players must pay attention to target parameters. Therefore, you need to make an overall assessment of each team's scoring ability. To make an accurate judgment, it is necessary to rely on the following basis:

  • Squad.
  • Typical player's face.
  • Excellent kicker.
  • Form, number of goals in the last 5 matches,…

Identify side factors

In addition to the basic criteria, players should not ignore side information. Specifically consider the following factors: Weather, pitch quality, away/home field, etc. The more carefully you calculate this factor, the more accurately you can assess each team's ability to score goals, giving you a better chance of scoring goals. Win when you enter.


Asian handicapping requires seriousness from the start. Just remember the basic knowledge, understand the reality accurately, and apply tactics skillfully to ensure maximum winning rate. Don't forget to update more good betting tips from Hi88 experts to make easy money and increase profits in every bet.

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