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Conor McGregor Reveals The Toughest Grappler He’s Fought • HHL



Conor McGregor has certainly been around the block in terms of his UFC career. He has gone up against some of the best fighters of all-time, and he is by far one of the most popular men in the sport, even if he hasn’t won anything in quite some time. Simply put, McGregor is a superstar and whenever he opens his mouth, people are going to listen, even if he is spewing nothing but garbage.

Recently, however, McGregor had some interesting insight when asked about who his toughest opponent was in terms of grappling. Considering he lost to Khabib, most people would think he would name the Dagestanian. Instead, McGregor went with an opponent who helped launch him into superstardom at UFC 189. That man is Chad Mendes.

Conor McGregor

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

“Them elbows are no joke. Nor the upkicks. Everyone’s ground and pound is piss,” McGregor said via ClutchPoints. “Not a scratch has there ever been on me. Mendes only one. Fair play all the same; bare-knuckle Chad.”

For those who may not know, McGregor eventually won this featherweight fight, however, it was a very difficult matchup that took McGregor some time to win. Eventually, it became a huge part of McGregor’s legacy and fans still give Mendes props for his effort, to this day. 

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