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Download Still Campaignin Zip File Album By Lil Bean

Back when 4-Tay was fresh Off Parole, the Niners were Super Bowl champs and the Presidio was an active military base, Geneva Towers was where folks went to get active. This was a corridor of San Francisco, deeply neglected and redlined, that became known for drug hustling, poverty and police shootouts. The Towers, 576 units built with federal money in 1967, were originally private mixed-income housing, according to the San Francisco Bay View. But the units were converted into public housing a few years later.

Management of the privately-owned property received Housing and Urban Development funding, but they still neglected the building and its tenants, leading to total dilapidation. By the 1990s, Geneva Towers was a joyless “tough on crime” dog whistle for elected officials and rich white assholes. The Towers were demolished in 1998. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi negotiated $700,000 in federal appropriations — a small fraction of the embezzled HUD money — for “expanding community revitalization efforts in Visitacion Valley in San Francisco.” Needless to say, material conditions did not improve for most people after their apartment units were demolished. “There will be a rebirth, but for whom?,” the Bay View’s Lee Hubbard penned in ‘98.

Lil Bean is one of the few surviving elements of Geneva Towers and its community, an unknowing archivist of history and consequence in San Francisco. Born in ‘96, Bean was just two years old when his Geneva Towers home was knocked down. By his persistence and success alone, he’s one of the few things Silicon Valley gentrification couldn’t fully get its tentacles around. And Bean represents a thriving and supremely tight-knit rap scene that’s kept the Bay sound healthy through the third decade of the new millennium — syncopated flows and slippery bass, tales on the blade and from the parking lot, frequent collaborations and independent releases through Empire, Ghazi Shami’s music distribution company headquartered in San Francisco.

With Still Campaignin’, his latest full-length scheduled for August 20, Bean continues to share the stories of demolished neighborhoods and stolen souls. Icy and direct throughout these new tracks, he dedicates Still Campaignin’ to his late homie CGz, whose passing forced Bean to break from recording and performing altogether. Straight up, it’s the finest Bay Area campaign effort since Ronald Dregan’s landslide win in 2004. Bean’s sense of melody is finely manicured and belies his youth in the game. He finds a way to control tides and float throughout Still Campaignin’ without sacrificing the project’s discipline or wasting any time. It might recall a grimier Ty Dolla $ign or a genuinely more compelling Gunna, but Still Campaignin’ is very much its own thing.

True to its locality, much of the album’s production is bass-driven, wildly percussive and otherwise minimal.. But Bean takes several shots outside of his comfort zone: “The Hope” with San Francisco’s Lil Pete is club-ready, “Perfect Timing” is a bluesy shadowboxing session and “State Prop” is some proud shit-talking. Just one of the 20 songs on Still Campaignin’ is longer than three minutes. Bean’s locking in on a reliable formula and he clearly knows it. PoW spoke with the Frisco rapper to discuss death and loss, his changing city, growing up on Mac Dre, the direction of his new music and what’s next. This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. All photos are provided courtesy of the artist and representation.

Still Campaignin Album Tracklist:

  1. The Campaign
  2. Still Steppin’
  3. Stay Solid
  4. Vital
  5. Stop Askin’
  6. State Prop
  7. CGz
  8. Mob Ties (feat. Jackboy)
  9. More Than Rap
  10. 4 The Night (feat. ZayBang)
  11. Paranoid
  12. Doin Well
  13. Paint The Room
  14. Keep Winnin’ (feat. BG Vito)
  15. The Hope (feat. Lil Pete)
  16. Love Yours
  17. Range Rover
  18. Still War Ready
  19. Real Love (feat. ShooterGang Kony)
  20. Last Time


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