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The fourth rival of Colombia In the 2026 World Cup qualifiers he is a strong opponent, very careful, strong at home, with offensive power, who has played three outstanding games, who has just won at the height of Peace and that at home they already beat Uruguay.

Ecuador, which is led by the Spanishl Félix Sánchez Basbets in this new era on a base tactical system of three centre-backs, supported by two wingers who have a double function, that of strengthening the defensive line and that of generating width in the midfield when advancing to the attack.

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With that line becoming five men, Ecuador seeks its own balance.

Although it is common for this scheme to change and transform during the game.
In this regard, in a press conference, coach Sánchez Bas expressed: “The line of three defensively is working, the concepts are clear. I think that, more than the three-point line, the team’s defensive block is doing well. Depending on the match, the opponent, the available players we can change, play with three centre-backs, with two, play with wingers, play with two, five, one… During a match there are several phases of the game, we must be able in each of these to have more initiative. Knowing that the teams we are going to face will also have their weapons.”

Thus, the coach insists that he is not limited to only playing with a line of three. The Ecuadorian team tries to take full advantage of the altitude of Quito (2,850 meters above sea level), with a fast and explosive game and quick transitions from defense to attack and, according to its own coach, with a lot of presence in the last third of the field, taking advantage the versatility of several of its players.

“Height must be a factor that has to be beneficial for us,” said the coach before the game against Uruguay.

Caicedo and Valencia, keys

Ecuador bases its offensive game on players like Moisés Caicedo or Enner Valencia, But today the player who attracts attention is the young Kendry Páez, only 16 years old and who is considered a pearl.

Páez, bought by Chelsea for 20 million dollars, has already become the youngest player to score in a tie, scoring against Bolivia in La Paz, in the Ecuadorians’ last match, which they won 1-2. Kendry represents the new blood, in a team that has already been experiencing a renewal since the last qualifier with men like Moisés Caicedo, Pervis Estupiñán, Piero Hincapié or Gonzalo Plata.

Beyond what has been done so far, Ecuador still does not have unanimity among analysts and followers, who expect much more from this team.

“Beyond Páez’s personal performance, Ecuador is still a team that is barely content with completing the task, without offering a beautiful game,” he said. Aurelio Dávila, FB Radio sports analyst.

The triumph over Bolivia It gave Ecuador its first three points, because it started the competition with minus three due to a Fifa sanction. Looking ahead to the match against Colombia, Ecuador, which is sixth, will have most of its players abroad, which gives strength to the team.
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Pablo Romero
Editor of EL TIEMPO

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