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Fivio Foreign Crowns Chris Brown The New Micheal Jackson • HHL



Rest in peace to the late Micheal Jackson, no one will ever fill the shoes of the king of pop, but since we are human beings, we love to compare.

So when producer London On The Track asked on Twitter, “Who is the closest thing to Michael Jackson in this current generation?” Fivio Foreign responded by answering Chris Brown!

Brown has been compared to M.J nearly his whole career. It’s probably because Brown can sing just as well as Mike and dance. Both artists are elite entertainers, and both sold a tremendous amount of records. Unfortunately, we lost Micheal Jackson, but fortunately, Chris Brown is still selling records. Brown has a new album coming soon. Brown’s 10th studio album Brezzy will be here soon, and fans can enjoy the sounds of Chris Brown while we still can.

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