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Kendrick Lamar & Taylour Paige Emulate A Toxic Relationship On “We Cry Together” • HHL



While Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers sees the Compton native make a triumphant return with 18 incredible songs, there are a handful of titles on the tracklist that go above and beyond, capturing fans from their very first listen and telling a picture-perfect story without the use of any visuals.

“We Cry Together,” the first disc’s eighth track, is a perfect example of that. The nearly six-minute-long song features Taylour Paige and finds her and Lamar going relentlessly back and forth over a beat produced by Bekon, J.LBS, and The Alchemist.

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“I swear, I’m tired of these emotional-ass, ungrateful-ass bitches (Shut the fuck up) / Unstable-ass, confrontational-ass dumb bitches / You wanna bring a n*gga down, even when I’m tryna do right / We could go our separate ways right now, you could move on with your life,” the father of two raps on the first verse.

Paige answers him with, “Fck you ngga, you love a pity party, I won’t show up / Always act like your shit don’t stink, motherfcker, grow up (Man, fck you) / Forever late for shit, won’t buy shit, sit around and deny shit (Man) / Fck around on a side bitch, then come fckin’ up my shit.”

Stream “We Cry Together” on Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud below, and read our in-depth analysis of the song here

Quotable Lyrics:

On God, you ain’t gettin’ these keys
Give me my f*cking keys
Ah, now you mad at me, I got you hollerin’ for nothin’
I do the same when we f*ckin’
Act like that p*ssy ain’t loose
I’d rather act like I’m cummin’
I’d rather f*ck off the juice
I’d rather f*ck on your cousin
B*tch, you said you gon’ f*ck who?
You heard me, n*gga, it’s nothing (Alright)

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