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Kentucky Shit Lyrics By Bryson Tiller ft. Julius Keith • HHL



Kentucky Shit Mp3 Download Song

Description:- ​​​​Kentucky Shit Lyrics Bryson Tiller ft. Julius Keith are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Bryson Tiller. This song is from Killer Instinct 2: The Nightmare Before album. This song will release on 31 October 2021.

If you are searching ​Kentucky Shit Lyrics then you are on the right post. So without wasting time lets jump on to Kentucky Shit Leak Mp3 Song Lyrics.

Kentucky Shit Lyrics Bryson Tiller
Kentucky Shit Lyrics Bryson Tiller

Song:– Kentucky Shit

Singer:– Bryson Tiller

Featuring:– Julius Keith

Album:– Killer Instinct 2: The Nightmare Before

Producer:– DJ Scratch

Written:– Julius Keith & Bryson Tiller

Kentucky Shit Lyrics Bryson Tiller ft. Julius Keith

Killer Instinct
Yeah, double homicide
Oh, shit, I’m sorry
DJ EDub, settin’ the streets on fire, mixtape after mixtape

[Verse 1: Bryson Tiller]
Wow, I’m on my New York shit
My whip mean and it’s clean like a newborn is
My crib clean, two Lamborghinis, two Porshes
Yeah, you had to see me in the two-doors lit
A baddie with me in the passeng’ too gorgeous
Music blastin’, this rapper from New Orleans
Too relaxed, don’t be slackin’, do more shit
I’m too established, word to Gavy/Gavin, do more damage
Too bad it’s, over for anyone of you who been lackin’, flyest shit, me Aladdin
God send me Jasminе, my business is crackin’ so
She gon’ get G-Wagon and tеnnis shoes matchin’
[?] fashion
Beginnin’ still, tryna get revenge and I’m laughin’, dissin’ Tiller is madness
Dissin’/Listen Tiller really might get ’em embarrassed
Funny he got more in common with Tiffany Haddish
He don’t be rappin’, he just be crackin’ silly jokes, cut these niggas with axe
Really though, it’s just Twitter relax
I guarantee they still ask, “Where Serenity at?”
Be a lotta things, I ain’t finna be whack (I ain’t finna be whack, nigga)

[Chorus: Bryson Tiller]
I’m on my KY shit (Don’t wait on that shit)
I’m on my KY shit (Yeah, yeah)
I’m on my KY shit
Too smooth, true, that’s KY shit

[Verse 2: Julius Keith]
Woah, I elevated
Never stressed, no rest, couple of smacks, it’s premeditated
Swanny send me the text, I connect in the West we waitin’
I promise that if we correct then it’s to the death, that shit crazy, I got this
Reachin’ silence, been keepin’ quiet, I be seein’ time and
Seek alliances, seat aside of a sleepin’ giant
And [?] might seem defyin’, been meanin’ to get this shit out my mind, I just speak in private
Wait, you been wishin’ me the worst, niggas dead wrong
Sage, you can feel it in the circle like a skintron
Better not test me, like a sneeze I’m ahead of a blessing
Got the keys, after these, I’m forever indebted
Still flooded, still star, still luck in testing
I’m still Odom, still bald like I’m Uncle Fester
Tickets down to [?], I might fill up the section
If it’s not [?] I’m the one to mess with but
We can leave the story untold, no one will say shit
But I rap like I know I can save it
Like I know I’m the greatest my city’s ever seen
Since Static or Katniss Everdeen, Tiller or Harlow
I’m dealin’ with the sorrows, two million hit tomorrow
Niggas goin’ numb, it’s some feelings we can borrow
Louis slugger, doin’ numbers when I make my pitch
Who she lovin’, who she wantin’? Then I take my pick
Who he was and he wasn’t, niggas can’t stop this
But when they play my shit, it’s on some KY shit

[Chorus: Bryson Tiller]
I’m on my KY shit (Don’t wait on that shit)
I’m on my KY shit (Yeah, yeah)
I’m on my KY shit, too smooth, true, that’s KY shit
I’m really

[Outro: DJ EDub]
Fuck ass niggas
Acti like DJ EDub ain’t got these motherfuckin’ streets on lock
Can’t you see? Ayy, got your goddamn attention, get familiar, suckas

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