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Kyle Lowry Calls First Season With The Heat A “Waste” • HHL



Kyle Lowry was a huge get for the Miami Heat this season. After playing numerous seasons with the Toronto Raptors, Lowry decided it was time for a change and the Heat were right there to snatch him up. Lowry brought championship pedigree to this Heat team and unfortunately, it didn’t pay off all the way as the Heat lost to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Lowry experienced some injuries throughout the postseason and in the ECF, Lowry was disappointing at times. In one game, Lowry scored zero points and it was clear that he was struggling with his shooting. These struggles never really went away, and it hurt the Heat badly by the end of it all.

Kyle Lowry

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Following the game, Lowry was clearly frustrated with how things played out and he even had some striking remarks about the team’s season. Essentially, Lowry felt as though it was all for nothing, which is precisely how he didn’t want his first season with the team to go.

“It was a wasted year. If you’re not playing for a championship, it’s a waste of a year,” Lowry said.

The Heat have a chance of doing big things next season, although it remains to be seen whether or not the East will offer them a path to such success.

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