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Liz Cambage Responds To Allegations That She Used Racial Slurs • HHL



Liz Cambage is one of the biggest stars in the WNBA, however, she has come under fire recently as a report out of Australia is claiming that she said racial slurs to the Nigerian National Team last year while playing for Australia. As the story goes, Cambage was in a very chippy game against Nigeria and at one point, she got so frustrated that she called the other team “monkeys.” It was also reported that Cambage said “Go back to your third world country” to one of the players.

These allegations are extremely heavy and Cambage has been fighting them over the past couple of days. In fact, Cambage took to Instagram last night where she vehemently denied the claims. Cambage says the situation is behind her and that the recent report is basically just smear campaign.

Liz Cambage

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

“The incident that took place in the pre-Olympic scrimmage with the Nigerian national team was handled privately almost a year ago,” Cambage wrote. “I am very disappointed and hurt by the events and accusations that have unfolded in the Australian media. The account of what took place is inaccurate and misleading. I did not use the racial slur toward the Nigerian team that has been circulating.”

For now, there is no video evidence of the remarks being said. Regardless, Cambage is upset with how she is being portrayed right now, which is definitely understandable.

Stay tuned to HNHH for any updates to this story.

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