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​​​​Love the Hate Lyrics By Limp Bizkit



Description:- ​​​​Love the Hate Lyrics Limp Bizkit are Provided in this article. This is a new song which is sang by famous Singer Limp Bizkit. This song is from STILL SUCKS album. This song will release on 31 October 2021.

If you are searching ​Love the Hate Lyrics then you are on the right post. So without wasting time lets jump on to Love the Hate Leak Mp3 Song Lyrics.

​​​​Love the Hate Lyrics Limp Bizkit
​​​​Love the Hate Lyrics Limp Bizkit

Song:– Love the Hate

Singer:– Limp Bizkit


Producer:– Zakk Cervini & Fred Durst

Written:– Wes Borland, Sam Rivers, John Otto & Fred Durst

Love the Hate Lyrics Limp Bizkit

[Verse 1]
I fuckin’ hate Limp Bizkit (Me too)
That’s good, I got somethin’ we can do
Grate ’em? Yeah, shred ’em like cheese
Dope, ’cause I fuckin’ hate ’em (Please)
That motherfucker Fred Durst
Looks like he fell out his mom’s (*Meow*) face first
Yeah, you’re tellin’ me, he’s got no swag
His raps suck like a vacuum bag (Damn)
That’s what’s up, my G
He the worst white rapper that’ll ever be (Haha)
Sure as fuck ain’t no Eminem
Looks like he’s got Drake’s pubes on his chin
Yeah, he’s a punk, punk-ass bitch
You won’t ever catch me listenin’ to any of his shit
I don’t blame you, they’re fuckin’ lame
That’s why we friends, dawg, we feel the same

Joke’s on you
You missed one clue (We don’t give a fuck)
From what I see
You always do

[Verse 2]
That motherfucker Fred Durst
Is like a Fred-ache, makes my head hurt (Haha)
My whole damn body aches
Every time I listen to ’em I start to shake
Wait, wait a goddamn minute
You tellin’ me that you listen to that shit?
I mean, not really, I mean not now
But back when I was a kid (Hm)
I don’t know, dude
I’m startin’ to feel like I barely know you
But— But, dude, I was just a kid
I didn’t think too much about the things I liked
Things you liked? (Yeah)
How ’bout I beat your fuckin’ ass to tomorrow night?
Hold up, dawg, I don’t get it, we tryna fight?
You’re goddamn right

Joke’s on you
You missed one clue (We don’t give a fuck)
From what I see
You always do

Video Of Love the Hate Song

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