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Mo’Nique Returns With Another Jab At D.L. Hughley & Steve Harvey • HHL



No one is quite sure when this escalating dispute between D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique will end, but she and her husband Sidney Hicks have continued to press forward with their grievances. Days ago, Hughley and Mo’Nique were both booked to perform at a show in Detroit. According to Hughley, he never saw or spoke with Mo’Nique at the event, but he claimed she arrived late and attempted to have the show move forward with her performing last. Hughley claimed he was the headliner, per his contract with promoters, and he has fought hard for his place in the industry and refused to budge, as did the organizers.

This is what allegedly set off Mo’Nique before she took to the stage to bash him, his wife, Steve Harvey, and others. According to Mo’Nique, however, her contract stated that she was headlining and before anyone knew it, both parties were firing off copies of contracts, promotional materials, and scathing messages.

Sidney Hicks, Mo'Nique
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Hughley took to his radio show to question why Mo’Nique would attack him and his family—specifically saying that she “feels sorry for your wife having to perform a sexual act on a coward”—if she was upset with how things went down. After his video went viral yesterday, Mo’Nique and Hicks popped up in a clip of their own to further continue the dialogue.

“There was nothing that was said about your wife, your family. It was directed specifically to you,” said Hicks. Mo’Nique agreed before adding: “Saturday night, D.L. Hughley was going to get his ass handed to him because, through the years, I’ve heard this man have a lot to say about me.”

She said she wasn’t going to address those comments during an interview or some sit-down. “The night that I spoke about D.L. Hughley, I wanted D.L. Hughley to be there.” Mo’Nique claimed that she used this opportunity to bring up Steve Harvey because she said he and Hughley sat down together for a radio interview and “lied.”

Mo’Nique explained that it was her mission over the weekend to get back at Hughley for the negativity, and she disputed his claim that several audience members were disappointed with her display. Her husband also chimed in to have her back. Check out the full-hour video, as well as Hughley’s latest Gervonta Davis-inspired response, below.

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