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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Slammed With DUI • HHL



It looks like Nancy Pelosi’s husband got himself in a bit of trouble while the Speaker of the House was away for the weekend. Paul Pelosi was arrested late Saturday night for driving under the influence.

The House of Representatives is on break for Memorial Day weekend, and Nancy Pelosi used the free time to travel up to Rhode Island to give a commencement speech at Brown University. “Join me live @brownuniversity as I deliver the Commencement Oration to 2022 graduates and receive an honorary doctorate degree,” the Speaker wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, it seems her husband Paul has been using his time off this holiday weekend a little less productively.

Nancy and Paul Pelosi

Leon Neal/Getty Images

While Nancy was at Brown University, it appears that Paul was perhaps getting into the brown liquor. Mr. Pelosi was arrested around midnight Saturday in Napa County and was booked into jail hours later. He was charged with two misdemeanors: driving with a blood alcohol content level of 0.08 or higher and driving under the influence. His wife has yet to address the arrest, and any other family members have remained quiet as well. So far, additional details of the incident remain murky.

Paul’s bail was set at $5,000, a price which probably won’t break the bank for the Pelosi family, seeing as Paul is the head of the San Francisco-based real estate firm Financial Leasing Services and his wife occupies one of the highest seats in the US government. Paul is 82 years old and has been married to Nancy since 1963.

While Speaker Pelosi gets her doctorate and Paul Pelosi gets his DUI, pressure mounts on the political establishment to do something about the proliferation of school shootings in the US. Both stories remain developing.


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