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Patrick Beverley Claims He Could Keep LeBron James In Check • HHL



Patrick Beverley’s media tour this past week has been one for the history books. He has been absolutely disrespectful to the likes of Chris Paul and others, all while giving props to guys who don’t deserve it right now, like James Harden. It has been a very weird and wild week in NBA media, and it all came to a climax as Stephen A. Smith had Beverley on his Disney + show.

In the video clip down below, Beverley had a wild statement about LeBron James. Essentially, Beverley believes he should be the point guard for the Lakers as he is the only player in the league who will stand up to LeBron and put him in his place. It was a very bold thing to say and it’s certainly going to make sure that he never gets a role with that team.

Patrick Beverley

Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

“No discredit to LeBron James, but he’s doing so much… Who’s their leader? Who’s telling LeBron, ‘Hey LeBron, you gotta be low man, bro. That ain’t your help out. You gotta X-out.’ No one’s telling him that. Not on a consistent basis. I’m gonna tell everyone that because I want to win,” Beverley said.

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Beverley says the Lakers are his second choice after the Timberwolves although at this point, it seems like the Lakers have a better shot of sticking with Russell Westbrook than going with Pat Bev.

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