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Skinnyfromthe9 Punches Fan After He Makes Comment About Snitching • HHL



Skinnyfromthe9 has had his fair share of physical altercations and beef, but his latest battle is against his own followers. A fan recently approached the New Jersey rapper, yelling “Skinnyfromthe9! Oh my goodness!” seemingly in preparation to ask for a selfie, before catching the artist off-guard by asking him, “When did you snitch on someone?”

Skinnyfromthe9 immediately swung at him in response, and a recently-released video from NoJumper shows the whole interaction, ending with the fan laughing (presumably in shock) after the incident. 

Skinnyfromthe9 clearly took offense to the idea of him snitching, and what’s ironic is that he might get snitched on himself now. After the incident, the fan hit Skinny up in the DMs and threatened to file a lawsuit against him unless Skinny pays the fan a large bag. 


While it doesn’t seem like Skinnyfromthe9 will be meeting “Drew corleone”s demands anytime soon, he did have a very short response to NoJumper’s video: “lol.”

This is also not the first time that Skinnyformthe9 has had a raucous run-in with a fan. Back in March of 2019, he was assaulted at a restaurant by someone who wanted to take a picture with him and started fighting him. Skinny claimed the attacker quickly ran outside after.

“Where I’m from, when you wanna fight somebody, you go up to them and n****s square up,” said Skinny. “N****s throw they st up and fight it out. Not no b***h st, where you go and sneak n****s. That’s corny.”

In August of last year, Skinnyfromthe9 was shot and hospitalized. He also kept up a running feud with YBN Almighty Jay, with whom he fought last July to settle the score. No matter what antics Skinny gets into next, let’s just hope another fan doesn’t dare to call him a snitch again.

Check out the clip of the fan interaction below.

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