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Sukihana’s Sings Into A Chicken Wing • HHL



Sukihana is a reality television personality who is far from quiet. The mother of three uses her social media networks to connect with her fans and display her uncensored nature. She’s known for twerking, using explicit language, and voicing her opinion about any and everything. 

Today (May 29), her shenanigans include a moving vehicle, music, and a chicken wing. While she was in the backseat, her friend up front recorded her. The person beside the Love & Hip Hop Miami star waved a chicken wing in front of her face, putting her in a trance. She followed its every move until the hand held the wing in place as if it were a microphone. 

This caused the 27-year-old to get into character and start singing the radio song into the piece of meat. “Pusherman” by Curtis Mayfield blasted from the car’s speakers as Suki sang the lyrics. At the end, she grabbed the wing with her mouth and smiled at her friend in the back. The caption on the video read, “When your man bribes you with food.”

In the caption of her post, though, she wrote, “Protect me this energy is rare [laughing emoji].”

This type of act is nothing new to her 328,000 followers. Just last week, she was clowning herself for losing both her front tooth and wig at a club while performing. She hopped on Instagram in an attempt to find the guilty party, saying, “I feel like b*tches is hating… What y’all stole it? Y’all stealing teeth now?” 

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