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Ziwe Asks Emily Ratajkowski How Many Black Friends She Has: Watch • HHL



Emily Ratajkowski – model, mother of one, style icon, author, and now, guest star on Ziwe Fumudoh’s self-titled late-night talk show. Earlier this weekend, the Showtime host unveiled a clip of what we can expect from the upcoming episode, and let’s just say it saw EmRata giving a whole lot of nothing.

“What do you qualitatively like about Black people?” Ziwe asked her guest before the camera cut to the 30-year-old, saying nothing but giving the camera a smile. “Is it empowering to know that there are women out there who have stolen your face?” the host inquired, again met with a clip of a similar reaction from the Instagram star.

Rebecca Smeyne/Getty Images

“Go girl, give us nothing,” a Ziwe exclusive placed on the screen joked. Next, Fumudoh pressed Ratajkowski to know, “How many Black friends do you have?” before requesting that she choose between Michelle Obama or Oprah, which we actually got a verbal answer for.

“I’m gonna say Oprah there,” the Gone Girl actress responded. When asked “What do you like about Oprah?” she answered, “I just think that she’s cool, and I have like, some beef with Michelle.”

“I mean Michelle is amazing, but um,” EmRata continued before editors blurred and muted her mouth, writing “(Sorry to the Obama family, see you at ROC Nation brunch. Idk what’s wrong with Lena Dunham’s friend)” on the screen. “Her husband’s politics,” are all we hear come out of the model’s mouth before Ziwe ends the video with, “Wow.”

New episodes air every Sunday night, with this evening’s not only revealing the full conversation with the “My Body” author, but also featuring an appearance from retired pornstar Mia Khalifa and Real Housewives star Luann De Lesseps.

Other recent guests on the hilarious talk show include Charlamagne Tha God, who addressed claims that he “hates Black women,” and Chet Hanks, who was grilled by the 30-year-old comedian about cultural appropriation – read more about that here, and tap back in with HNHH later for more pop culture news updates.

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