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Cockfighting with iron spurs is a type of bet that attracts special attention from those who love cockfighting june 88. Thanks to the intense, fierce and extremely attractive nature that each match brings. If you don't fully understand this unique entertainment genre, let us clarify it for you through this article.

Detailed characteristics of iron spur cockfighting

This is considered a form of direct confrontation between two roosters to find the stronger one in a match. The most striking feature of this form is that each chicken will be equipped or rather attached to his leg with an iron rail to do great damage when attacking the opponent.

Detailed characteristics of iron spur cockfighting type

This is a weapon that represents a symbol of strength and extremely powerful fighting techniques in the cockfighting world. They are not simply the type of equipment that helps increase strength in matches cockfighting with iron spurs also clearly shows the care, training and investment in the cockers. This type of weapon is designed with metal and can use steel, iron or alloy. Size can be adjusted and changed according to the shape and characteristics of each breed of chicken in each game.

The attraction of this format comes from the quick acceleration of the match time. This is also a form of killing and punishment that favors winning and losing, but there will be relatively few to admire the fighting skills of the chickens. They often make a difficult, fierce, sometimes deadly fight.

Two types of spurs are popular in cockfighting contests

For hake cockfighting with iron spurs There are inherently 2 types. Depending on the additional weapon on the rooster's leg, there are knife spurs and round spurs in both normal and professional tournaments.

The popular spur type in cockfighting competitions is iron spurs
The popular spur type in cockfighting competitions is iron spurs

Knife cockfighting

A variation of cockfighting that uses weapons, knife spurs, is particularly attractive to people in Southeast Asia. The shape of this spur is almost like a long, sharp bow knife. Most players will be provided with information about the type of competition in advance or can immediately identify them based on the basic type, size or curvature and sharpness of the blade.

The fighting style is joined by the fighting hands cockfighting with iron spurs These are usually side kicks, back slaps or attacks in certain positions such as the legs, wings and head and neck. The breed of chickens chosen for cockfighting is usually unlimited. But to show superiority in competition, you have to choose: American fighting cock, hybrid bamboo chicken, Asil chicken or American hybrid Asil chicken. They often have powerful, decisive kicks and lightning speed.

Cockfighting with round spurs

Cockfighting with iron spurs This is not too different from the form introduced above. However, the weapons used can be most clearly distinguished. The fighting cock participating in the round spur competition will have a metal weapon such as large needles attached to his leg by the cocker.

The advantage of the round spur shape is that it creates deep piercing attacks, breaks feathers, and creates serious wounds while still being able to reduce the loss of life of the gamer. In some cases, if you injure your neck, you may collapse on the spot. This type is mostly used in Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand.

Cockfighting with round spurs
Cockfighting with round spurs

Experience of winning in cockfighting bets

CPlayers who want to participate in this type of betting must first understand the rules of the game and benefit from good tips. Below we will suggest some great strategies to help you win every game easily:

  • Find information about the match: Like other competitive entertainment disciplines, for each cockfighting match, there will be data provided by the bookmaker to help players view and predict.
  • Study of form cockfighting with iron spurs, clearly distinguish what type of competition will be. This will help you to provide the most basic parameters and judgments to evaluate preliminary results.
  • By understanding all the information about the characteristics and fighting style of strong chicken breeds, you will have a basis for prediction.
  • Besides experiencing it yourself cockfighting with iron spurs and gathering experience means learning more from mastersPerennial is essential. They will help you to see where the strength of each rooster is identified so that you can overcome it.

Basic information about the type cockfighting with iron spurs We have answered in the article. In addition to increasing your knowledge while watching the match, you will also have the opportunity to make accurate predictions to participate in betting on each match. Therefore, please understand the information, seize the opportunity to have an advantage in investing capital for the upcoming battles in june 88

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